I won S&P yyeehhaaa, nothin impressive but, letting you all know

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Aug 16, 2006
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Hey my S&P bretherin. I hope all is well and training is going great for you all.

2 days ago on june 14th I competed in the Northern Ireland powerlifting championships. It was an equipped event but Under 16's aren't aloud to lift equipped.

I won in the end with a total of 412.5kg at under 16 75kg weight class, I weighed in at 73.1kg

squat- 130kg

Squat went better than i expected, I was well below parrallel and thought I could grind out 140kg

Bench was terrible I could have done 85kg easy, but on my 3rd lift I tried 90 kg, got half way and my foot lifted so I was disqualifed, but I knew i would have got it, I got stock at the lockout.

Deadlift went pretty good. started at 180 kg, then on my 2nd attempt 200kg was pretty hard. My 3rd attempt was 205kg and I only got it 6 inches of the ground, but looking back at the video if I only got my hand and feet placement correct I think I could have got it.

I'll have videos up as soon as I can, My dad took the camera when he left for Scotland this morning.

I have 6 months solid training now to compete at the northern Ireland unequipped championships at under 16 level, hopefully moving up to the 82.5kg weight class.

Again I say thanks to you sherdog because I wouldn't be doing strength training today if it wasn't for you all.

Good job man, though I keep multiplying to convert kg
s into something understandable to my American mind.
Bravo Zulus to you on a job well done
Nice job! You are going to be a monster.
cheers everyone for your greatly positive and supportive comments. I hope the videos don't dissapoint once posted.
Man.. you're stronger than me and 16 and barely heavier. Congratulations. Next time there is a lightweight contest on here you should enter.. you've improved a ton this year.

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