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I want to start a MMA Organization glove collection

Mucha Lucha

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Jul 20, 2010
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I train in MMA, and I have Rival mma gloves now, and I think I'll spend the money for the new Hayabusa gloves (well new leather look). But I want to start a collection of gloves not for use in the gym. I want to hang these ones in a glass case.
I am looking to start a collection of unsigned MMA Organization gloves. IE.Strikeforce, WEC, Bellator, KOTC, BoDog, etc.
I see Pride gloves on ebay, and I found some BoDog gloves on another site. But I am wondering if anyone knows a good source to find these gloves. I'm not looking for the knockoffs or "consumer" gloves, I want the same gloves the fighters are given. But no signatures.

If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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The Pride gloves are most likely fakes from what I've heard, if they're being sold by a company account on ebay. Might find a legit buy from a private seller. From what I've read the manufacturer of Pride's gloves was never revealed.

Just google around the different promotions brands, the company that makes UFC is well known but I can't remember at the moment, as is Strikeforce's.
I've been thinking about it for a while too. The only ones that I have right now is a Shooto glove made by Ouano. I believe they also make UFC gloves.

And good luck finding PRIDE gloves, they're pretty much the holy grail of MMA collectibles.
UFC use Century Gloves
Strikeforce use Fairtex
M1 uses Veni Vidi Vici
I currently do this. There is a lot to know.

Just realize this will be very expensive and there are many items you will need to get.

UFC alone has over 7 types of variations. Many of them are highly collectible and cost a lot. The original Boxergenics gloves can be had for around $100. CSCMemoribilia has a few pairs of the first UFC Ouano gloves (red Ouano logo, gold UFC logo) for $200 a pair. Then there are the various Ouano variants used over the years which feature different fonts, and different UFC logos used. Finally are the current Century issued gloves.

Elite XC had at least 4 different ones. The last few were Ouano ones with the different EliteXC logo

StrikeForce has used tons. (many on eBay are fakes)

BoDog fight, at least 3. White, Black, then all white writing or red/black or red/white writing. (Fairtex gloves)

WEC has the original Ouanos, and the last used Century's which are very hard to find.

KOTC has the yellow Ouano gloves and the black Gladiator Challenge gloves.

DREAM gloves are going for $300+ a pair.

IFL had blue IFL logoed Fairtex, red IFL logoed Fairtex, and special logoed Throwdown gloves.

Some you will be very hard pressed to find (Affliction apparently took back the gloves from the fighters after the event).

You mentioned you didn't want "fan" gloves. PRIDE had "white bolt" and "red bolt" gloves:

The red bolt gloves are referred to as "fan" gloves. These were sold at events and on their website. They are a lower quality. Usually meant for fans to have autographed. These came in a ziplock bag inside of a blue gi-material, drawstring bag with the PRIDE logo embroidered on the front. The tags on these gloves will say Ouano. These gloves are not worth as much as the white bolt, usually going for $250-$300 a pair.

The white bolt gloves were the fight gloves. High quality. They come in a clear plastic box. The tags will say Dream Stage Entertainment, and the size. Average selling price now is $500+ a pair for the plain "PRIDE" logoed ones.

PRIDE also used gloves with numerous sponsor logos in place of the PRIDE logo. Some are in English, some are in Japanese, some were printed stickers placed over the PRIDE logo. These are very hard to come by. Last time I seen these, they were going for $800+ a pair.

As for the fakes, BubbaSportz was selling tons of fake PRIDE and StrikeForce gloves on ebay, but he is back with a new name. Some of the give aways, were the printing of the PRIDE logo on the gloves was usually too small, and not in the correct spot. Also, the tags didn't match properly, the quality looked like crap, and a big give away, was the thumb material in the glove. The thumbs of the authentic gloves, should be a blue foam material. All the bootleg PRIDE gloves I've seen so far, just use more thin leather for the thumb pocket.

I need to gather all mine and take a update pic, but here is one from when I first started getting into them.

Thank you very much! That is alot of great information and an awesome collection you have going there.
Did you find most of those gloves on the internet?
You can get them all online. You just need to know what you are looking for, and of course, be willing to pay the money.

Nice collection and I'm sure TS found your post very informative. I really enjoy picking up gloves from different organizations. I have the one style of Bodog gloves you are missing (at least in that photo) the black pair with BODOG in red and FIGHT in white, Ouano WEC gloves, blue and red pairs of Fighting Road gloves from Pancrase, several pairs of M-1 gloves from Veni Vidi Vici, and one of the Ouano variations the UFC used 5 or 6 years ago (I think that's the timeframe, I didn't really research it and picked that pair and a few others up cheap on eBay), a pair of Throwdown issued IFL gloves, a Pride style glove from Ouano for an obscure Canadian promotion called Colosseo Championship Fighting, and maybe a handful of others.

There are some gloves available on eBay, but as already mentioned you have to be wary of fakes. Paid a little less than $100 for a pair of Strikeforce Fairtex's that I thought might be fakes and never received them anyway (the logo looked slightly off to me, but it was hard to tell in the picture and the guy had sold several other pairs without any negative feedback). Waited quite a while to get PayPal to straighten that out and get my money back. TS, you may want to check out MMA Memorabilia, MMA posters, Pride FC posters, and MMA Collectibles. :: MMA Collector :: as well as MMA Memorabilia & Collectibles, UFC/PRIDE FC/WEC, Authentic Signed Gloves, Photos, Fight-Worn Gear, Action Figures, Trading Cards (though you will find many of those gloves are already signed).
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I want a pair of the M-1 gloves but don't trust the website that sells them.
I want a pair of the M-1 gloves but don't trust the website that sells them.

I ordered a number of times from - Official Fedor Emelianenko - MMA Store. Always got my gear, but most times it took a month or more and a few times I had to speak with the owner after it had been a few weeks because the order still hadn't been processed. They would let people review their products on the page and they were mostly people complaining about not having received their merchandise after a period of months.

I had discussed stateside distribution with him and he seemed interested in it, but he wouldn't let me undersell his prices (which are VERY high) or use eBay to sell V3 products. Also the gloves have changed pretty dramatically since '08. The last pairs I ordered early last year have squared fingers instead of rounded and I didn't like the padding as much. My pair from 2008 is awesome.

Edit: I was going to check the red devil shop to see if they were even carrying the M-1 gloves now (last time I checked I don't believe they were) and my computer warned me that the site "may harm your computer". V3 is still sold on the RDS sister page FightStore, MMA All Stars, Veni Vid Vici V3 - FightStore - MMA All Stars - Paris, but don't expect to get the gloves pictured as they have continued to use the photo for the original M-1 Challenge design from '08 despite changes having been made. I personally haven't ordered from that page, but did ask last year if they had any gloves left over from the original batch and was told no.
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Yeah, I heard about that which is why I'm cautious. Also, I really am focused on getting a pair of unsigned DREAM gloves to display with my belts first.

Thanks for the great post, dude.

It's mind boggling to me that most of these orgs won't just sell these gloves to the public.

Also I got a question for you: Are the UFC fight gloves being sold the same exact ones that they use in the cage?
UFC, KOTC, EliteXC all sold them to the public, although not all the versions were made available.

The current UFC glove will say OFFICIAL FIGHT GLOVE on the wrist and is made by Century. There are cheaper "fan" gloves that are easier to differentiate. The custom larger sizes made for Brock, Carwin, etc, are not made available to the public.
That’s a beautiful collection of gloves, I have the 5 Ouano versions and many other orgs, but I ruined a lot by getting autographs from fighters at my gym.
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I’ve got a pair of Bellator gloves from 2019. My fighter lost and didn’t want to keep them. I’ve got a hat and lanyard with credentials from the PFL somewhere. None of my ufc athletes brought me along for the corner so I don’t have any of their stuff