I tire of the Boxing/MMA rivalry

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May 21, 2008
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The Boxing/MMA rivalry is becoming standard talk amongst the legions of both sides of the fight game, whether it be from the highly respected editorial authors or the bloggers or the television announcers. Its everywhere, and anywhere you tune into.

Where I'd first heard of the comparisons I couldn't tell you. It'd never occurred to me to make the judgment as to which side of the sports world is dominant as opposed to the other as far as the athleticism of the athlete is concerned. It seemed almost as if it should have been a non-issue when the breakdown of each fight is far distant from the matter of the other fight.
We, as fans and practitioners of the formal Martial Arts, never made much of a large impact as far as impeding the success of the formal Boxer up until about two decades ago when the Martial Arts had been concentrated into what is now referred to as the mixed Martial Arts. A new era of fighting had begun and with that comes pressure to each side as to who possesses the superior fighting skills.
So we are in effect comparing apples to apples, the difference being between Granny Smiths and Gravensteins.

The big pictures that I see is that this is a conversation that has no direct answer or any clear cut winner. Unless the unforeseeable happens, that being either or both of these sports suddenly turns belly-up and goes unheard of, the conversation will continue and will further progress in variables. Also, as having no such turnabout in the near future seemingly imminent, the argument becomes a common necessity for each fighting camp to further progress their own creed of fighter. As far as the argument progresses from the mouths of those of due respect in each sport, the argument then relays to the viewer who is the one to make the judgment call. Its good capital from the business perspective, has gotten me to look into the Boxing world closely, and I support it.
So could the state of Boxing
I found this terribly long and overly written considering the content.
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