I should've done strength and conditioning from the get-go...

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    Hi, guys. I want to share my story in brief fashion here:

    A few years back I started to train kickbox. I wanted just to get in shape, I tried some weighlifting and running, but was pretty boring to me and was inconsistent. I decided that if I train something fun I would stick with it easier. I was in pretty bad physical shape - skinnyfat and not at all athletic guy, never played any sport in my life. I never missed my kickboxing classes, but it never crossed my mind that I should do anything for strength and conditioning outside the kickboxing gym. I was fascinated with integrating new techniques, moves and tactics I saw in a tutorial video or in a real competition. I was not putting a lot of work in specific cardio or strength sessions, it was more drills and sparring. The fun part. With the time I shed some of the fat and made some muscle, but the progress was really slow. My diet was just avoiding the really bad stuff, it was not healthy enough.

    I trained for a solid year and then life got in the way and I had to stop. It always bugs me that I left a lot on the table. I began the kickboxing actually mainly to lose the belly and put on some muscle, but the nerd in me started to just absorb the knowledge and be creative and I forgot that you actually need a structure to use that knowledge. It's of course more than that - I AM lazy too.

    Two months ago I came back to my kickboxing gym. For my shock I was doing not that terrible in the sparring sessions, I was not at all that rusty as I expected. But my body needs real hard time in the training room. I learned my lesson and now I am exploring the strength and conditioning world. For starters I now do roadwork, (yeah I get bored but I know I have to do it) something I never did before. I counted on the sparring to be in shape. And I will have to lift some weights because I am just not strong at all, people my size push me with ease in sparrings.

    Is there anybody with similar story? If there are, please share here. Thanks.
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    Similar story. Ive pretty much been skinny fat much entire life and only recently decided to do something about it.

    Trying to lose body fat percentage and build strength and muscle. Not a crazy amount, but enough to be healthy and strong. My cholesterol was really high recently.
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