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I say Anti rains Havoc.


Dec 19, 2001
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We have spent months on here fighting and useing are wit on one another I say that we go invade the MMA or Ot board someday. We all just do are thing on choosen threads and respond to one another there and bug the hell out of everyone. What do you guys think?

Someday all will feel our wrath!!!!!!!
If we go to the MMA board we will have to start typing in ebonics.

And throwoutallpunctuation.
hehehe. SoundsgoodtomeIcouldgetthehangofit.
I agree Conrad. First the Anti-Sherdog board then the world.

Pablo since when do you think you can ever achieve anything without my guidance?
Well, I guess I will TTT this thread when I get back and we can do this then.
See ya.
Hmmm... The Anti invasion...

I like, i like...

I can cheaply plug JIM PAN DO!!1
Sounds good to me!!!
I'm very good at posting replies that got nothing to do with the original thread.
I think that's pretty annoying.
Yeah, I know for sure now, it IS annoying.

I'm going to the MMA board now and select a thread to kill. I'll be back short after this and let you all know which thread it is.
I shot the sheriff...

But i did not shoot the deputy
MMA-board: Ninjitsu.

Too bad that link isn't working........ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA


jim you terd that link is broken. i tought we all was sopposed to wait for a set date and then just blast the hell out of the board. but if your just warming up ralph then i'll have to go and see. ninjitsu?
If we are gonna make a concerted effort then I nominate myself captain of the good ship Anti.


Pablo will be my second in command. JIM will be the chick in a miniskirt who brings me stuff to sign and Art will make my coffee. Treelo will be a human torpedo and Conrad will be ship surgeon.

This is gonna be SO COOL!
Why can't I be on the ship???? I promise I'll behave properly.