I need vids of grappling drills.... PLEASE!!!


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Feb 28, 2005
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I broke my (R) hand sparring BJJ. Do any of you guys have archived vids of cool drills I can work on while my (R) hand heals. I don't want to COMPLETELY do nothing over the next 6 weeks.

PS I already know the armbar-triangle-omoplata drill. Also any tips on getting used to your (L) hand for life skills (i.e. writing, using eating utensils, wiping ass, masturbating etc. etc.) would be highly appreciated :D
Look into Stephan Kesting's grappling drills DVD. It's really good.
Frank Shamrocks quntum jujitsu seminar was all about mat drills, a great DVD, I do those drills on a daily basis.
Anyone have pics or descriptions of these drills?
Why not go to class still? You can work around a broken hand. Granted, you can't do any open mat, but you can still learn moves. If something requires a grip on the broken hand, ask your partner to move it for you.
You could do leg work/guard drills. Keep one foot on the hip, the other circling in your partner's arm, etc. We also play a game of guard passing where the guy on the bottom can only use one hand to keep this (open) guard.