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Hey guys i have to get ready for the wrestling season and everyseason my coach would make me a nice workout sheet but now that he has quit and my school still dosnt have a wrestilng coach i thought mabey some of you could help me with this.............Making a workout.

i weigh 145 pounds 5'10

Max Bench: 200

Max Squat: 250

MaxHangclean: 140

Max DeadLift: 200

If some one who has experince with making nice workouts please make me one i would appreciate it.
Its very hard just to put out a workout to suit ones best goals possable. Everyone is different and requires different ways of applying them.
I HAVE DISCOVERED YOUR PROBLEM!!! You deadlift as much as you bench! Focus on pulling more.
Read the stickies and focus more on lower body training. Your deadlift is equal to your bench when it should be 1.5-2x your bench.