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i just had a fellow poster here on sherdog tell me he's gonna "do" a fat girl...

Originally posted by J-Garden

Remember her Vod?

There are lots of good looking plump girls...more power to ya if someone wants to shag one.
Its not me cause i said that my rommatee wantded me to but i sayd no fat chicks suck i want hot chicks.
VOD, you sorry bastard. I honestly thought higher of you!

Even though you wear silk leisure suits (which I hope you didn't get the stains on) and were planning on banging some cokehead chicks with LB a while ago, I always thought "nah, Vod is a stand up guy...he wouldn't do it, not a real fatty..." But 300 lbs is a family not one girl.What the fuck was going through your mind boy?
Originally posted by FightTilYouDie
This thread is exhausted. Let it sink into the abyss, vod. You don't need to be reminded of this misery every single day.

On the contrary FTYD...he should be forced to read this entire thread before breakfast for a period of 6 months. Only after that can he be allowed to forget..

And don't be trying to dish off the blame Big guy...we didn't pull little Vod out for you...we didn't make the arrangements...we are just here to judge and ridicule
Originally posted by FightTilYouDie
Gotta have some compassion seldom, and I think he learned the lesson. You must commend his bravery though, not many of us would take that challenge.

And a lesson well learnt I hope it is!

He is brave however...much the same bravery as displayed by Steve Irwin or a lion tamer!
Originally posted by VOD
YEAH! Take the CHALLENGE! None of you animals would do that! I'm a man among boys. Fuck you guys.




Take her to the beach, push her out to sea...let a Japanese fishing boat harpoon her, she will be eaten, problem solved
I've heard from numerous sources that fat girls give the best blowjobs. And to tell you the truth it kinda makes sense. They apparently are good at using their mouth from all of the eating. And also, when you have a fat girl around, you can pretty much do all of that nasty horrible stuff that a hot girl won't let you do. Anal on the first date? Find a chunky bitch with low self esteem.
I'm just afraid my dick won't work if she takes off her shirt and I see sweat dripping down her fat rolls like a saucy waterfall. But other than that I can wipe off the grease and pretend nothing happened.
I don't think I can afford that. Maybe I can just take her to a pasture for a half hour of grazing.
You're just anti whatever I do to be cool. Your signature says so. The jig is up, I see through your game. There's no need to pretend you wouldn't pound a porkie if given the oppurtunity....
Dude. Stop this shit man. You're going to make me look bad in front of my friends. The people on this forum respect me and look to me for advice. I can't have them thinking something negative about me. They've never actually touched a woman before and probably would welcome the warm embrace of a fat girl's hand. Even if that hand is only warm because she was holding a cheeseburger.
The only reason they're not lonely is because they're literate enough to read the posts on this forum. I'm sorry that these guys are all such pimps full of genious and wonder. Give me a break. A "lonely night" for most of these guys is the night when they forgot to renew their porno subscription and refill their tub of hand moisterizer...
Originally posted by Chelsea
LMAO Punk!!!! You and Vod are both in fine form on this thread...

Share a few thoughts. How's it feel to be 'that girl'?
Originally posted by swarm
i think you are both virgins

If I was going to lie about having sex, why would I talk about having porky pig dangle her lips on the end of my knob? Wouldn't I pick someone that didn't frequent the McDonald's drive-thru?
Originally posted by Chelsea
Don't even think for a sec that I'm fat, VOD!!!:p :D

Oh come on, even if you're not the fat girl. I'm sure you've snagged yourself some chunky loving over the CB in your truck?