"I have only been caught in 1 triangle choke!"



So yeah Im new to BJJ, and I roll with this blue belt, great guy and all. So we finish the first round. I fell fairly good I almost passed his gurad didnt get swept etc...... then I say the stupidest thing I could have said.

me-"I have only been caught in one triangle sinse I have been here!" (3 month span)

Blue belt- "Oh really? That means you rdefense must be good!"

Round 2 begins.......I proceed to get caught in triangle chokes from every concieveable position LOL.

I thought it was funny. Also was a nice big helping of humble pie, which is nice to eat every now and then. My instructor calls me "A la mode" now cuz thats how I eat the humble pie.

Just thought I would share the amusing ass getting handed to me on a silver plater story :icon_chee


p.s Scott if you read this you skipped out w/o showing me how to sink those in.
Humble pie will likely be served alot as you train more. It's the nature of the beast. Learn to like it.
Yeah, it can kind of make you feel like shit. It's best, I find, when you're in a competitive mood. But if you're in a shitty mood, I think it's best to do flow rolling. Jiu Jitsu is meant to be an escape, not a place where you go to get your ass-beat after you just failed an exam or some shit lol.

The best teachers are the people who know when to build you up, and when to knock you down.
lol...Scott has been gunning half gaurd forever. His HG game is really coming together.

I didnt really make me feel like shit, I was just kinda stunned as I thought my defence was pretty good, as I usually find myslef in defense mode when rolling as there ar enot many guys that are at my level where I train.

I will just keep that fact that I have NEVER been tappe dfrom an omoplata to myself :icon_twis
too late...and oma plata is one of my favs.
I put my foot in my mouth the second or third night. Was rolling with another white belt and said, "You must be new too, I can keep up." Actually, he was just experimenting with me.
too late...and oma plata is one of my favs.

Great lol, and I dont know who you are from your name so you could be anyone lol, so now Im gonna be paraniod thinking "Is this the guy from Sherdog who's gonna Omoplata me?"
Nice story! I don't have that problem since I've already tapped to every imaginable sub :D
I have leaned to not make any boasts - they have a habit of blowing up in your face.
Yes you were asking for it even if you weren't *trying* to ask for it, know what I mean? It's always refreshing though. Again, good attitude.
I once was foolish enough to say i wouldn tap on pain only, since it wont break or choke you its just a feeling.

We worked jaw locks and "knuckle to face" locks for 2 hours. I tapped alot :(
Why don't you explain what your post has to do with the TS's post? He never said he was untouchable because he'd only been triangled once before he was served up a dish of humble pie.
true,.. i meant triangles arent the end all submission because i dont think they're all that great so if you get caught in one its no big deal. my friend is super lanky and just plays guard to throw up triangles but when when he gets passed he cant do anything.