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I have a list of demands!




Can we have the unicode for signatures activated? Between linking my grappling credentials thread and my soon to be made Mundial championship history thread, I have no room in my sig to actually say what the fuck they are.

I really this could mean ****** kiddies will go crazy, but maybe just for plats? Or just me?

Failing that, can I have a bigger signature limit?

Failing ALL of that, I have an idea to sort this all out: Submission grappling forum. No, not the technique forum, an actual competition forum. If striking gets two, then I demand two for grappling too. That way I can stop feeling guilty for having a stickied thread in the forum when it has nothing to do with technique or practice. It'd get a decent amount of posting (mostly by Terere and I, sure) and it'd help clear up the Technique forum, starting by moving my stickied thread.

Oh, I also want a pony.
If we give you one for submission grappling. I have to give one for Judo.

If I give one for Judo. every traditional MA nut wants a sub forum.

Just tell me when you've made your new Mundial history thread, go postwhore crazy and get the first 30 posts, then soft delete them so you can resume them later if you want for more data entry, I don't mind. I will sticky it.

You have a T-Rex in a fighter plane. You can't have a pony, sorry.

Submission grappling can be as vague as K-1 and kickboxing. It can cover sambo, judo, Luta livre, BJJ, ADCC, Catch, Grapplers Quest etc. Much like the K-1 forum covers Muay Thai, K-1 [+ MAX] western kickboxing and even Savate if people cared about it. Hell, just call it grappling and you can throw amateur wrestling in too.

And damn it, ponies are way cooler than T-Rex's.
Hinch you need to give the mods a compelling threat and go militant; this can include copious amounts of man-tit etc...