I graduated!!


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Dec 16, 2001
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I graduated from Villanova this weekend, with a degree in Accountancy. My final GPA was 3.56. This kinda sucks, I don't want college to be over:( !!

This past week was senior week which was basically a shit load of drinking and stuff. It was a good time and my liver loves me for it.

It's good to be back on here though!
nice work man. I'll be graduating soon myself. Only from high school, unfortunately...
At least your industry isn't saturated.

I sat through five years of study, got an additional certification, four years of industry experience with no sign of a decent job in sight..... :(

It's enough to make you want to give up all together.

Congrats Spencie!

- The Jake
Congrats and don't worry just because college is over doesn't mean you have to stop drinkin.;)
welcome to the real world...prepare to feel pain........ah anyway glad you made it.....have fun
does this mean you cant host my avatar anymore, even though i dont even have enough posts to use it yet? :)

congratulations man
3.56 THAT'S FUCKEN good man that's way better then my shit 3.00.
Congrats man!...good luck....i hear you bank large with an accountant degree.
my best friends dad is an accountant. He make a lot of money 2! good job on the graduation sir. maybe one day I will see what its like.........Cungrajoolashuns!:rolleyes:
Ahhhhhh...Senior week was sweet....
Probably the sweetest week you'll ever spend with your real friends...
Then it's all down hill from there big boy....
Good job and congrats! Hope you can get a job that utilizes your skills.
Thanks guys. I'll start working for Ernst & Young as an auditor in October. The pay is really good. Atleast I've still got one more summer to fuck around.
Congrats. All that hard work will pay off. Enjoy the working world.