I feel like crap! help


Jul 24, 2005
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7:30 am This morning woke up and ate some oat meal. 8:30am Hour later i had one scoop of muscle milk, scoop of creatine, and scoop of glutamine.... 10:00amThen an hour and half later went to Jiu jitsu and had a hard practice... 12:00pm After practice i drank the same concoction of muscle milk and so on.

I feel like total crap right now... i have another practice in 6 hours at 7:00 pm....
Anyone got some food i could scarf down to get my energy back up.

Ive trained like this for 4 months and today I just feel so dead... i need a cot, and a pillow here at work.....

Im fixing to munch on a banana and some almonds at 2:00
Why not take a session off?

If you've been training like that for 4 months, I'm sure your body will be grateful for some rest.
i was thinking the same thing... but i start school on thursday and so ive been trying to get as much training in over the summer as i could...

your probably right. My tues and thurs look like this now... or something similar.

7:30 am Oatmeal
8:30 am Protein/Creatine/Glutamine
10:00 am practice.
11:45 am Protein/Creatine/Glutamine (Post workout)
12:10 pm Tea with sugar (BAD)
2:00 pm banana
5:00 pm tuna suflet
6:30pm tangarine
7:00pm practice
8:00pm protein/glutamine/creatine (post workout)


The tea normaly isnt in there, but today because i felt so dead i thought some sugar would help...
any changes in my eating habbits??.. i think ive been doing pretty good..

The protein shake is 1 scoop of muscle milk, 1 teaspoon of creatine, and 1 teaspoon of glutamine
Did you just start this routine?

Alot of times your feel bloated / sluggish / etc when you first start taking lots of protein in.
nah its been a couple months.

Im just going to take today off.. my knee is bothering me. If i feel bad enough to make a post about how shitty i feel i shouldnt be on the mat....

i dont like missing prac though... i normaly jus tpush through feeling crappy but ill take a day off... couldnt hurt to much.
Dude...it looks like you're not getting any real food. Fruits, veggies, chicken? REAL FOOD?
You sound lathargic.. just take a week off.

Rest sometimes helps get over plat's like this. You may also need to cut the creatine if you've been doing it for 4 months

Yeah.. and looking over your list some more.. Eat more food. or take energy pill alternatives.
yea,wheres the food at,supplements are supplements to your meals,not meals in themselves
Probably overtraining.

Take a rest for awhile.
thanks... yeah i need to squeeze in more real food.. didnt realize im using the protein shakes as a staple....

appreciate it as always...
If you use shakes, use Coconut milk in with it. The fat will be used as energy sparing your protein, keeping your body looking good. Try it.
The problem is not your training it is your diet. You are burning a shit load more callories than you are intaking. you have to have more carbs in your diet to fuel your body. Typically it is on the 3rd day when your body crashes on a low carb diet. I have found it most usefull to go real low carbs for 2 days then hit my carbs on the 3 day before my body crashes. I don't over due it just fill up the fuel tank so you can get in a decent work out. You are not over training as far as I can tell. Just keep eating clean and get some carbs in and you will be fine.
Yeah bro, these guys hit it head on. Eat some freakin' food. Those shakes and supplements are overrated. Athletes got along just fine for the thousands of years before their introduction.

Besides, you're likely getting little to no real recuperative rest seeing as how you're not even eating after your last workout of the day. They way your eating isn't only counterproductive, it's DANGEROUS! My suggestion would be to drop the supplements altogether (to start at least) and eat 4-6 moderate meals each consisting of veggies, fruits, fish/chicken. A potato and some rice would be a good idea for some good fuel.

Our needs are most likely different but for lunch today I had

8oz chicken (grilled breast)
salad (spinach, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, tomato, purple onion, light dressing)
1/2 cup brown rice (boiled, so salt or butter)

Keep it sensible, but at least keep it real. Good luck.