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Hype Train Vs. War Wagon.

Discussion in 'The Lightweights' started by Jacked Burton, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Jacked Burton Triple Lindy Card Banned

    Sep 30, 2014
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    Hunting the Wolfpack
    There seems to be an ongoing misunderstanding of what the two are and what they are not.

    A Hype train is what casuals, pranksters,and wanna be gangsters get behind thinking they are being cool/edgy/neuvo. A perfect example would be Conor's first loss. The Goofs were jumping ship like DeCaprio was taking on water.

    A War Wagon is built for endurance. Meant for Marauding. With wheels forged from the Phoenix fire that lit the joint dude was smoking behind Jim Cozad as he flexed into the future. Not knowing he would one day be thee emissary of the JBG

    Hype trains take off regularly and take you nowhere you want to stay.

    War Wagons leave once in a lifetime and take you on a journey of Epoch memoir.

    Platinum Bless you all.

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