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Hybrid Wrestling/Sub Grappling Ruleset


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Feb 8, 2005
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One of my training partners mentioned today that he got an email from a former wrestler at our university who wanted to set up an intramural wrestling program with us. Since we are BJJ/submission grapplers and they are folkstyle wrestlers, I was trying to come up with a fair grappling ruleset that will give both sides a chance. Here is what I came up with:

Takedown - 2 points
Dominant pin (side control or better) for 30 seconds - 3 points
Submission - 5 points

The guard and all of its variants will not count as a pin.
Pulling guard will always award takedown points for your opponent.

The instant win nature of submissions and pins has been discarded. Instead these techniques are awarded a point value. After a successful pin or submission, the match will be restarted in a neutral standing position. The match will end after a predetermined time limit (probably 5 minutes). Obviously the most points wins.

Since submissions are harder to get than pins, I gave them a higher point value. However, a takedown and a pin is equivalent to a submission so I think this is fair enough for wrestlers.

Any comments or other ideas on a possible hybrid ruleset would be greatly appreciated.
Seriously subs should be fight winning.. When someone quits he quits..
How do you feel about adcc rules?
Adcc is really not fair if the other side has not trained with subs. Sounds like a good start. You can play around with the rules later. Let us know how this goes.