Hyabusa Tokushu vs The Kanpeki Elite 2.0 16oz?


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Apr 25, 2011
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Happy New Year all!

I'm just wondering is there any real difference in these gloves except the color and price?

To me they look the same glove just in different color? Or am I missing something here?

Thanks for the help!
the Kanpeki uses a very thick, (brown) full grain leather whereas the Tokushu has a synthetic leather shell
Thanks guys,

I was sold on the Tokushu, but now can also get the Kanpeki Elite 2.0 for about
Yeah Im thinking the Kanpeki also, but I have seen some great reviews for the Tokushu, and not one for the Kanpeki 2.0 ??????????
Well they're basically the same glove except one is leather and one isn't. Leather>not leather but it's whether or not that improvement is worth
I have gone a head an ordered the Kanpeki Elite 2.0 16oz Gloves.

Thanks for the help guys!