Hurt my Knee. " Heel Hook.


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May 13, 2007
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About a month and half ago we was winding down class with some grappling. Nothing to hard. Just sweat work. I'm 180 pnds and I was with a 210 guy. He was in my guards and he went back and was trying to set a Heel hook on me. I tried to sit up on it but he forced me back down with his foot. I normally tap quick to this more dangerous submissions. But he didn't have his knees together and gave me room to relieve the pressure and turn my leg .He attempted 3 times and I survived... Well not really. I got an Knee injury from it. It torqued my knee. I have a light pop in it now from time to time and light pain. It never swelled up. I went to my Doc and they took E rays yesterday. I haven't heard nothing back. But he referred me to a specialist... The pain did back off 50% since it happened. But now it's at the 50% level and not dropping anymore. I have great movement North to South with it. No pain. But side to side ( East to West ) it is uncomfortable. It sometimes feels like a tiny pebble is under my knee cap to the side alittle. Also if I flex my whole leg , get my muscles really tight I can make it hurt.... .. Man I love this jujitsu stuff. Been at it for nearly 2 years. Hurt both shoulders but recover pretty well. Hope my body holds out. I'm pretty old for doing this stuff. Can you say 40 ... LOL... Just wanted to grip.... Ga BJJ
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most people would have learned to tap after the first shoulder injury
most people would have learned to tap after the first shoulder injury

We train throws ( shoulder injurys). Which just happens to have nothing to do with submissions. Your correct, I should have tapped to the heel hook . The only reason I didn't was he didn't have his knees positioned. But his size I couldn't pull out of it.. Live and learn. :rolleyes:GaBJJ