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Jun 23, 2003
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ok so anyway i want a btt hoodie from here, anyone have experience ordering with them? if so was it a good one and reccommendable
I am a XXL so most I can't order from most places, but I have heard nothing but good things about them and their customer service
Rio is one of the best dealers in the world. If I didn't get my stuff from me then I'd get it from either Alex at Rio or Ron at SSF. You'll not get a better service in the US.
Rio have got my vote!

Ordered several times from them with no problems at all! Highly recommended!
No No you're all wrong!

MMA Gear is the best~!!!!!!!!!!

*commits suicide* no seriously MMA Gear sucks, and Rio is probably one of the more truster dealers around. Can't go wrong from what I hear.

RFW is one of the best MMA retailer you can find. Awesome customer service.
alright guys sounds like they are really good. looks like when i get home from school tonight im ordering my hoodie. thanks for the reviews
forgot to ask, how do these hoodies run? like is xl a big xl or a small xl?