How's the current situation with TKD?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by HighestHand, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Hey guys, so I've been on a hiatus for a long time with MT, and back then around 2010, when I was active, this forum figuratively shat on TKD saying that it'll get you knocked out, it is a joke, and what not. I was neutral with the sport other than the fact that I took it with my girlfriend to get her to exercise, and also to complement my MT with flexibility.

    I was wondering if this forum still feels the same way since then since, basically, I am looking to start again and am going to be paying ~200 for the MT classes. Are the extra 100 for TKD worth the benefits?

    How do you feel about TKD now? General thoughts? Etc? For me, I always thought it was a joke (not because of the stand up techniques, but because of the business practice) but it really did help with my kicking/flexibility. It kinda pisses me off that none of the TKD places I do voice their prices without fear, even the "Adult" classes have 13 year olds with BB on them, and basically I can almost never find a legit place. Must have called like 10 places just for them to say "Come in for tryout! we give free uniform with first five classes only $10."

    Have you taken TKD ever? If yes, how did it help you or if at all?
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    The problem with "hating on" TKD involves a very broad generalization of TKD as a whole. There is no one type of TKD. When you say TKD you are lumping Olympic style competition TKD (which is just a game no different than any other sport), to Mcdojo black belt mills, to old style hard TKD, and so on.

    For example, Mcdojo TKD is obviously bad, I don't have any problems with people playing Olympic style TKD as a sport or game. It's not always my cup of tea but neither is golf.
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    Yes you should add TKD to your game. A mix of TKD and Muay Thai is the ulimate form of kicking, you get the best of both.

    TKD has superior kicks from the waste up, especially in the terms of variety of attacks, speed, and prescision.

    Muay Thai has more powerful normal kicks, but they take longer time to hit the target, so u can use different style kicks for different situations.. And ofcourse, you get the lovely leg kicks and knees etc.

    TKD also gives you more balance, flexibilty and stronger core. It will help your jiujitsu aswell due to the increase in flexibility.

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