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Sep 16, 2011
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I'm currently at my mom's for the holiday.
My parents have a house with a backyard. The backyard have numerous things like BBQ area, nice set of lawn furniture, above ground hot tub, garden and other things.

For most part it is nice and well kept except for one corner. It is a grass area that dog use as a bathroom area. My parents got a above ground spa they have been wanting for a while along with gift certificate to Lowes for materials to build deck around the pool.

So now the problem is... My step dad haven't cleaned up after the dog in like 5 years. So no one want to be in back for last few years.
But now that they want to build deck and put in above ground pool. They are going to have to get rid of five years worth of dog shit.
Any suggestion?

Cliff: step dad didn't clean up dog shit in the yard for 5 years and now he have to. But no idea how to get rid of so many dog shit.
fill the spa and pool with dog shit so everything matches
Hire some teens
Lol! Where would they put all that dog shit beside the pool and spa as one suggested lol!
Btw my original suggest was to rakes all of it in one spot and burn it. Not knowing I was half joking, my mom fussed about how bad it would smell lol.
Btw my original suggest was to rakes all of it in one spot and burn it. Not knowing I was half joking, my mom fussed about how bad it would smell lol.

As if 5 years worth of dog shit doesnt smell. Your parents are shit hoarders
Maybe instead of getting rid of it you should just build the deck out of shit .
LMAO! I will have to call them poop hoarder and see if that get them to keep yard clean once the deck got build.
You can probably clean the whole thing up in an hour or so. Stop being a pussy.
Doesn't shit break down pretty quickly? Like it's probably from the last 6 months? On top of that, what kind of environment are you in right now? Old cold shit seems pretty easy to take care of with a rake, a shovel, and a garbage sack.
I don't help them out any more for most part. Got fed up with try to help only to have them end up neglecting things. For example, few years ago as a Xmas gift, I bought stuff for step dad's garage and clean it up good and organized everything. Next year I come back and garage was a mess and tools were all over the garage or by side of house where he do majority of his project all rusted.
This sort of things has happened many times in past, so I no longer help with any project.

They live in desert... Yes lot of it may have break down but there's still a lot around lol
just mow the hell out of it and it will just break down and fertilize
Get some Home Depot guys. LOL how the hell do you/your dad allow 5 years of dog shit to accumulate?
Just pick it up with a shovel. Wrap a shirt around your nose and mouth if you're that much of a wimp.
Pour a couple bags of lime on the area first and let it sit for a day. They might want to consider a pet septic tank if the soil is well drained.
Lol I have no idea how my step dad could allows that to happen.

Mowing idea is hilarious! Will try bring it up :D

Lime sound interesting. Will look into it and suggest it.