how would the government and law enforcement react if superheros were real?


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Jul 28, 2007
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How do you think they would react if a Spiderman or Superman esque superhero started helping them out by exacting nonviolent vigilante justice?
This thread is going to somehow turn into a gun law debate
how would they? If it was a super type being like Superman or Dr. Manhattan, me guess they would try there best to get them on their side. I think it would be similar to Hancock type of story.
Depends on the level.

Low-mid teir'd they would want to control them.

High powered like Omega level mutants superman lantern surfer level ... What could they do? Nothing.
As hancock and batman depict would be my guess.

Plus super human programs would be kicked off as well to try and match their power, not that related research isn't already taking place.
Goverment sanctioned superhero's or tasks force designed to take them on.

These all exist in any comic universe featuring superheroes as the most common sense reactions.
I kinda wish people of the level of Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spidey existed. Really happy people like Manhattan or Supes dont.
Operation S.H.A.G

Super Heroes Action Group


Super Hero Integration Team
I'm talking one guy. Not the fucking xmen.
I know how I would react...I would put my black tee shirt on, organize my arsenal, and attempt to take them out for the sake of bringing balance to humanity. Should I decide they are worthy of their lives, I too would begin to bring evil to its knees with my vigilante justice. Punishment!
If there were being with superpowers, they would be the gubment and the police would be working for them.