How well will these places do for me (link inside)


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Oct 29, 2005
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For about 8 months, till i can get a car, I plan on going here training some muay thai kickboxing.

Then, once I can drive and have a car, I plan on going here, signing up for the BJJ and boxing classes.

I heard that Marcello Monteiro was awesome. I heard he taught the Noguieras, that has to mean something. I'm only 16 btw, so how well do you think these places will do me?
Ricardo De La Riva taught the Noguieras, but Monteiro was DLR's top student at that time and helped them out alot. I will say right now your best bet is to stick with Monteiro though, I've fought his guys before and they are tough as nails. His attention to detail is amazing, not to mention he's one of only 3 Black Belts by De La Riva.

Also of interest is the fact that Marcello has been doing this shit for 25+ years now, so he's bound to be good.
if you live in indianapolis depending on what side you should go to the Indianapolis Brazillian Jujitsu Academy run by Greg Eldred...It's in Carmel which is pretty damn close to Indy
muay thai, btw i have no idea on the prices for the school up in carmel. I dont have much money, I am paying for it with my job. You have any idea the prices there?
The Man Monster said:
Okay, ignore my advice... but I'm dead serious, Marcello is the man.

dude, sorry if it seemed like i ignored you.

I'm just still thinking about should I go under the school which is taught by eldred who was taught by caique or under monteiro. its hard to decide.
i went to both places.
eldreds is in carmel, right near the job i was on.
small group but really good guys.

montero place was off the hwy, i got lost most of the time trying to get there, he taught a very good class, white belts there had really good open guards
Nah man I knew you hadn't actually ignored me, but seriously Marcello has produced stiff competition in BJJ and if I had the chance to train there I'd be right up on it. Good luck with either place, I'm sure they both have descent shit to offer.