How to get out of collar grab hockey punches?


Jun 21, 2007
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In a street fight, what is the best way to get out of a very big mans hockey punch attakes where with one hand he grabs your collar and the other offers straight rights you'd be eating while hes holding you at perfect range?

The only thing I can think of is a groin kick but maybe he would want me to lift a leg and become unbalanced. Or maybe a judo ippon seinage throw on the left side since his arm is streached out. Thoughts on what to do when something like that happens?
Kick to the groin. This dude will probably be untrained if he's going for a Hockey Grab/Punch move because a trained person would want to keep distance and pick you off.

So if he's got your collar lobbing untrained punches and you it should be easy to avoid them with subtle head movements and then just go for the groin kick!
Rake the eyes.
Knee to the groin.
Foot stomp.
Step in toward do an inside hip throw.
Bring your right hand up like a boxers block, step in toward the guy shoot your hand down through his arms, seize the groin (I'm talkin' wring that thing out like a dishrag) bring your elbow and elbow to the face.

The possibilities are endless because he is committing a lot of his weapons grabbing you with one or two hands and bracing himself to control your weight limits what he can do with his feet. .

Every self defense tape / system / basic training / girls self defense class demonstrates how to defend this. Obviously there some you have to be a bit dubious about but over all most of it is very basic and effective.
You can do like Probert used to do in hockey fights, if your opponent grabs your jersey let him keep it. Pull out and make it a no-gi competition.
I'll tell you what Id do in Judo, you grab his jacket/t-shirt by the armpit/chest so that your arm is kind of under his and then you go up with your elbow (hard) and it will break his grip.

If it doesnt, hes either much much stronger than you or youre doing it wrong.
You can do like Probert used to do in hockey fights, if your opponent grabs your jersey let him keep it. Pull out and make it a no-gi competition.

NEVER pull out...
I skipped afew of the posts because I wanted to rush down and suggest you DO NOT kick your attacker in the groin. As many of us know from experience when your hit in the groin you dont instantly feel it. You actually get a surge of andrenaline. So your attacker gets about 10 seconds and a little extra juice to beat your face in. What I suggest (and this is something I learned with use of force training for private policing and is the same training police use) is that you use a break hold or pressure point. Two options are as follows;

1, Use a break hold tactic. A hammer fist to the wrist or just presure against the thumb which is incredibly weak. If his thumb is "facing" left make it go right and peel the hand right off. (Hope i explained that well enough)

2. Use the pressure point (nerve motor point) located slightly lower then where the chest and shoulder meet (but above the arm pit) with an open hand strike landing it with your fingers, or a thumb supported by two fingers OR close your knuckles midway on your fingers but dont make a closed fist and strike with that. OR make contact with any of these methods and then apply sharp pressure. Because this is a nerve cluster he will be forced to release. This is a point where you can get an echo effect. So hold the strike on the point for 3/4 of a second for maximum power. (Note: Some people are immune to certain pressure points, witnessed that first hand last night at training.)

Hope this helps you with your question.
Several Hapkido solutions for this:

First thing to note is that your movement is restricted. His arm will be tense and rigid, so moving in and out will be difficult. This means closing for a clinch can be more difficult than expected, and throwing a punch back is hard, as his pulling and pushing will have you off balance.

Anyway, the biggest threat here are the punches. You need to stop them, atleast temporarily.

A finger shoot to the face is a REALLY underrated distraction, most people will flinch and jerk their head back. Plus, the length of the fingers overcomes any grab he has on you. Same goes for a quick kick to the groin or knee, though you'd be surprised how quickly people close their legs to stop this!

After that, take the intiative and get his arm off or bent so you can move in.

Defense 1: Collapse his elbow outwards with your elbow/forearm so you can step in and clinch and thow strikes.

Defense 2: TURN (not step, his arm may still be rigid) inwards, so you can execute a hip throw.

Defense 3: Grab both hands on his hand, turn inwards and step under his elbow, twisting the hand as you go. You will have a very good and painful hammerlock on.

Defense 4: Grab hand with both hands, and step across him, then turn under his outstreched arm. You end up in a standing kimura, at which point you can just whip the arm to cause alot of pain or damage.

There you go, some basic defenses.
I have to say it one more time, groin shot = bad idea. (see my post above for why)
How can you say a groin shot is a bad idea? If you are fast you can throw theory out the window. Just like it's not good to fight with your hands down and Roy Jones does it, theory doesn't exist in a real fight.

No one eats an unguarded groin shot without breaking whatever hold they have on you.

Seriously, someone gets the hold on you... sure, you might eat that first shot but you were going to anyway. The time between locking the hold and that first shot is too fast. If the hold is on, you are eating it, period. You have to close the distance because the separation gives his punches power.

You move in close to clinch as you ram that knee home. What other tactic is there? You risk eating more straight punches. Spinning for a hip toss is way to risky unless you are judo master. You give up your neck, back of the head, hooks to the ears, etc if the hip toss fails. Also, what if this guy is stronger than you?
I had some fool do this to me at a party. First he tried to sucker punch me from the side, but I saw the shot coming out of the corner of my eye. I turned away, from the punch, and he grabbed the back of my jacket. I bent over and away to make it harder for him to hit me, but that didn't really work because he was banging away on the back of my skull. While still bent over I did a spin move, to try and shake him off of me, but he held on and kept bangin away. Now he is basically standing next to me on my left side, holding the middle of my jacket with his right hand and punching at my head with his left, I am still bent over. Since he was standing so close to me and on my side, I couldn't really throw any strikes back. I had to think quickly in this situation, because I was totally fucked at this point! This is what I did, I brought my arm in which set me up for perfect elbow shots to the guys ribs, because his right hand was holding the middle of my jacket he could not defend my left elbow to his perfectly exposed ribs. I hit him with a huge elbow to the ribs, and he quickly figured out he didn't want to be in this position. Instead of letting go of my jacket he held on, and spun around in front of me. This gave him a pretty good spot to force me to keep my head down because he still had ahold of my jacket. He could not control my side to side movement however. So, I switched moving back and forth, with and up and down movement. Because he kept his arm straight, my movement controlled his movement making it impossible for him to hit me. At this point I noticed I had the opportunity to take some body shots. Using the same back and forth motion, coming up and going back down, I started throwing body punches. This worked great, because as I came up it brought his arms up, and pulled his body towards me right as I threw my punches. I gained momentum, and was standing up straighter and I thought he was going to have to let go of my jacket. He opted to try and use my jacket to force me to the ground. With both hands and all his weight he tried to force my chest to the ground. I kept my balance, at this point I was standing up, but my head was almost touching the ground. I knew I was in a dangerous spot, for him to try and throw some knees at my head. I was able to look up and see the position of his feet infront of me to figure out what he was going to do next. I saw him step back like he was going to throw a knee. In order to protect my head, I pushed foreward and forced my head into his hip, making it impossible for him to knee my head, and giving me the abillity to try and catch or block his knees with my hip. He went for a knee, basically all he did was lift his leg up giving me the opportunity to catch his leg. I caught his leg, and then ran towards him with all my might. This forced him to hop once, and then land very hard on his back on the concrete. The fight was broken up after that. This all happened before I started training. There are a few moves that I would have tried if I had knew them. I think if the guy is infront of you, he is set up perfectly for a double leg, or single leg. You have to watch for knees, there is a ton of stuff you could do. Techniches for breaking clinches, strikes, judo moves, it just depends on how your opponent reacts.
There are a couple of good moves to use listed here. I would like to add that it may be a good idea to throw a hook at his ribs if you can reach them. If his arm is up holding onto you then they are wide open. If you immediately try to grab his arm then you're going to be struggling against his strength while he punches you. You need to suprise him first with a good shot to the ribs(lower) and then break his grip and go from there.

edit: damn you peck, you beat me to it. :mad:
someone here said when you get kicked in the nuts you get 10 extra seconds of what? im sorry, i've gotten hit in the balls(im sure you all have)...not a full kick, just an accidental hit, and i wanted to puke my insides out IMMEDIATELY.

when you see fights, and a guy gets a low blow, you don't see anyone with 10 extra seconds of Hulk power, they go down in pain right away. and they wear fucking cups.

kick em in the balls or step on their knees.

whoever said getting kicked in the balls either 1. never gotten kicked in the balls, or 2. has nothing there to be kicked.
I said it, and 10 seconds is a huge exageration but if you get tagged you go get a rush of andrenaline, its just how the body works. Thats a fact. AND THEN you double over in pain and feel like puking your guts up.
Couldn't you just step in, grab his wrist firmly, turn around and throw him over your shoulder judo style?
You can do like Probert used to do in hockey fights, if your opponent grabs your jersey let him keep it. Pull out and make it a no-gi competition.

Bad advice...if your shirt gets caught around your head or arms in the are finished!
I said it, and 10 seconds is a huge exageration but if you get tagged you go get a rush of andrenaline, its just how the body works. Thats a fact. AND THEN you double over in pain and feel like puking your guts up.

i would like to see you get kicked in the balls by a guy who actually wanted to hurt you, and see you try to do anything besides curled up on the ground and get a beating with out mercy.

where did you read all this nonsense? have you actually gotten your balls busted? please, don't just repeat something you read somewhere. it's happened to me in everyday life, and in training, i've seen guys i train with go down(in training, so he's not acting to get time or point deducted) in pain while wearing a cup.