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How to deal with someone getting close?


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Dec 28, 2012
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Hi all, a bit of background info to start:

I'm a tall southpaw who's crossed over from Muay Thai to boxing, i had 8 MT fights and hope to fight amateur boxing in 2 months. I spar out of a side on stance with my weight on the back foot, i basically self taught myself from Kenny Weldon tapes.

At range I'm doing better than fine but I'm getting flustered and losing a lot of points when they finally get in on me. I counter them on the way in often but they're happy to take a shot to land 4.

Should i be looking to just shell up? Do i need to change my stance to more square when they get in?

Noob questions I'm sorry, Muay Thai whenever they got this close I turned it into a clinch fight.
it's because most of your weight is on your back foot. This way it's not that easy to slip or cross and very hard to get out of the way (go backwards or circle) when someone gets in. Its hard to do anything when someone is very close coming in with hooks and you have all your weight on your back foot.
the weight on the back foot is fine... your probably not familiar with the boxing inside game thats why your having so much trouble..

You should square a bit more yes, but most importantly,(Im assuming your taller since your playing the game at range) you want to drop your elevation from the knees so your opponent doesnt have all the leverage to land body shots at will..

If you wanna get out, just pivot on your place to get an angle then make some space with your jab..
Thanks for the tips, I've been clinching but being told i'd lose points for it in a match.
If you wanna get out, just pivot on your place to get an angle then make some space with your jab..

I have long reach, and this is my favorite move against people trying to crowd me on the inside. I pivot back one step and hook or uppercut, and if he continues forward, I pivot back on the opposite foot, with an alternate hook or uppercut, so each time he comes forward I'm not in front of him and he's eating a hard punch.

It's especially lethal if he ducks down when he comes in.
I love inside fighting.

Im usually the shorter guy but I'd imagine if you bent your knees you could easily do the same.

When I fight on the inside I do one of two things. Since you like to have a sideways stance, similar to mine, I would suggest using your elbow and press it onto your opponents chest. Kind of like the picture below, except at a much closer distance.


And use this stance to counter with right uppercuts, and then jab your way back to the outside.

If they are really pressuring you hard and you have no choice but to be on the inside, then you need to get low and put your head on to their chest. It will be hard for them to get head shots in this position. However it will also be hard for you to throw anything either. So use your shoulder to push them off of you and then start punching and after your done put your head back onto their chest.

If you watch this sparring video of Floyd you will see him use both techniques on the inside.


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