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how tight should boxing gloves be?


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Oct 12, 2006
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Hi everyone

I just started roaming the gear and equipment boards after usually paying attention to just the heavyweights...

I just bought my first pair of 16 oz twin boxing gloves...

I was just wondering how tight they are supposed to be when I wear them.

in terms of my hands, they are quite comfy i'd say, but hte wrist area is pretty loose... is that normal? I dont want to do any damage to my wrists and thought i'd ask the knowledgeable people on this message board.

in my experience. the gloves get slightly bigger with use
The gloves should break-in , but most of your wrist support should come from your handwraps. I have found that very few gloves actually support my wrist. I don't know if it is the shape/size of my hands or what, but the wrist straps on the gloves are usually below my wrist rather than right around my wrist for support

Handwraps will definately make the glove fit tighter, but they will stretch out.
yeah, my Twins gloves are the same. the hand compartment is nice and snug, but yeah, the velcro on the wrist doesn't do anything. doesn't bother me, though.
in my experience. the gloves get slightly bigger with use

Same here...my Windys were SUPER tight when I first got them...now they've just kinda molded to my hand...