how old were you when you started grappling



at what age did you begin bjj or anyother type of grappling art and how long have you been doing it
wrestling at 11 - did it for 7 years
bjj at 23 - did it for just under 2 years
submission wrestling - 15
Bjj - 16
started standup styles at 8
started grappling and doing BJJ at 21

I'm 27 now.
Began wrestling at 14, wrestled constantly year-round until I was 18. Began BJJ at 19. I'm 22 now.
Submission Wrestling - 21

nothing - 22

BJJ - 23
Started BJJ at 40, 11 years ago.

One of my favorite highlights;

In 1998 I recieved my purple belt from Ryan Gracie just after I submitted David Terrell with a foot lock Ryan had showed me the day before.

I am now an instructor at the Gracie Sport Center, Cesar Gracie's Academy.

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judo at 8
karate at 8
ju jitsu at 13