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How does DC fair against Cain in sparing sessions @ AKA?


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Dec 13, 2011
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I haven't heard stories & I'm sure people have seen them tussle, who has the upper hand?

Does Cormiers gaz tank compare to that of Cains?

Who has better wresting?

Who has better striking?

If Cormier holds his own against Cain. I personally think Mir has no chance.
Cain is supposed to beat him up in kickboxing but that was just before the barnett fight who knows now and i believe cormier is actually cains wrestling coach,he was originally though im not sure if he still is
i haven't heard stories & i'm sure people have seen them tussle, who has the upper hand?

Does cormiers gaz tank compare to that of cains?

Who has better wresting?

Who has better striking?

If cormier holds his own against cain. I personally think mir has no chance.

you dont say?
During fights Cormier looks to have the quicker and better hands. Cain seems better at kicking though as I really havent seen Cormier use kicks that often.
Well I heard in their sparing sessions that Cain picks up the 7 - 10 split more often than DC.
I think I remember seeing a short clip of Cain and Dan sparring in one of the primetimes. Seemed like Cain was getteing the better of him from what I could tell, but the clips were so short that it was pretty inconclusive.
I think there was an interview with Javier a while back where he said they're incredibly even
I would actually bet on Machida beating Mir if they fought. The HW division is just not that talented and deep as most would like to think.

I'm not going to go as far to predict who would win what but I completely agree HW is just not as talented as other divisions.
I'd say they are pretty even and I would also say that nothing can tell how an actual fight between the two would go as a real fight is completely different

I'd personally favor a 245lbs Cormier over Cain but who knows
Cormier beating Bigfoot and Warchief not enough to convince you that he should win over Mir?
According to the Fight Factory show there basically pretty even in sparring. But that isn't a fight.

Between the two who knows who'd win in a fight. I think it would be very close. I'd give the nod to Cain for now simply cause he has the experience and resume to back it up. But DC I think is a few more fights away from seeing the best DC there is.
I could see Cain keeping pressure on him and wearing him out. Cormier is the harder puncher and better wrestler though.
DC looked concerned with his hands in the last fight. Not throwing with power and practically sparring. I hope he looks more Black-Fedor-like in his bout with Mir. However, a KO over Mir doesn't prove much. Cain vs DC would be epic.