How do you train with your partner?????


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Jul 18, 2006
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Outside of the club i mean????

Generally 8 weeks outside of competition i like to train very hard at my club and train outside of the club just as much by seeking a training partner at my club and we hire a hall for a couple of hours to rep or drill technique and roll. This makes it great because if i have difficulty with any techniques i can ask my instructor at my night classes at the club. My question is how do people like to train with thier training partner. I have seen many regimes but i would like to have an overall broad scope of how people like to do it????

I always start off with a warm up and some stretching for about 10 minutes ie bridging, hip drills etc - very important

Then the main question is how you like set up training regime with your partner in relation to the training scope????

Here are some i have experianced with

1. 10 reps each side and swap with your partner


2. do a set number (say 50) then swap with your partner


3. set a timer for 5 minutes and then swap with your partner once the 5 minutes is up

then lastly finish off the session with some light or hard rolling depending on your training sessions of the day

How do you like to do your sessions with your partners?????????
hmm I don't really get to train much out of my gym, but I am there frequently and we have open mat time of course. Typically I like the do 10 reps and swap, but sure any of those seem like solid ways. In Muay thai we tend to do your 3rd option.
Technique/Drilling/Spot specific training/Free sparing
I always put the timer on and say guard passes until they pass and then go back to guard and each time they pass, up the resistance. That's how I prefer to drill anyways. Then we'll do mount, side control, etc. then free roll
1: Take turns doing it slowly and metodical
so you get it smooth

2: 10 times one side fast/powerful and vice versa

Often we jsut muck about slight resistance take turns doign random throws

Newaza, often pause stay in position and see what options there are

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