How do you think Lauzon would've fared against Maynard?

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Jul 20, 2011
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Gray Maynard was Lauzon's original opponent, given how he fared against Miller how do you think he would've done against him had the fight gone as planned? Honestly, I was impressed with Lauzon despite the fact that he lost. He still had some gas in the tank despite going through a grueling first two rounds and had some decent sub attempts.

I think Maynard is the better striker and wrestler than Miller but I think Miller has better BJJ so I think its possible Lauzon could've submitted him.
not well at all. He was soundly out struck by Miller and when Miller faced Maynard he got dominated.
he would have got badly decisioned. i think it would have looked similar to Maynard/Diaz
Maynard would have knocked him out, sadly.
I was thinking about this as well. I just wonder about Joe being able to stop Gray in the clinch. Bigger and stronger than Miller and to me that's where the damage was entirely done last night. Think Gray would try to impose the same plan.
Lauzon would get his ass kicked just as he does whenever he faces upper tier fighters.
Maynard is a beast and would have dominated him. That prediction has nothing to do with last nite, I thought that when the fight was announced.
Not a lot of confidence in Joe it seems. I think its justified though. Like I said in the OP, Jo's only advantage would be in BJJ so he could pull off a hail Mary sub but Maynard outmatches him in the boxing and wrestling departments worse than Miller did.