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How do you maximize recovery after evening BJJ training?


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Aug 9, 2007
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I'd like to hear any and all ideas on how other grapplers maximize recovery after evening BJJ training sessions. I'm just starting training at age 40, so optimal recovery may be the difference maker being able to stick with it.

Right now I am training 3 times a week, and it goes something like this:

7:00 - 8:30 train. 40g protein shake immediately after.
8:30 - 10:00 shower, drive home, put kids to bed. 32+ oz gatorade.
10:00 - 11:00 dinner. Multivitamin and 200mg ibuprofin immediately after.
11:30 bed.
No alcohol on training nights.

Interested to hear if there are things I'm not doing that work well for others to maximize recovery. Thanks!
I take protein too w/ banana mixed in a blender immediately after. I found this very helpful esp. during back to back training nights.
Are you eating a full size dinner right before bed, or just like a salad or something light?

I can't imagine that a protein shake and a full meal right before bed would be healthy... you may start to gain weight.

I'm 33, so a bit younger.. I used to come home from training starved around 10PM and eat a decent sized dinner, then shortly thereafter go to bed.. I started to gain weight...

Lately I eat larger lunches and very light dinners (a little chicken or fish and salad) and I try to do about 20 minutes of stretching the nights I don't go to class.. from just 3 weeks of this I can see more definition in my stomach muscles (meaning i lost a bit of fat and got more toned) and my cardio seems to be better...and i feel better all around .. I also have tried to cut out excessive sweets during the week, but saturday is the day i can have my cheesecake or whatever...

Also, on the gatorade.. if you drink it while u are training, and also after you train it may likely be too much.. gatorade does have quite a bit of calories, sugar and sodium... so anything more than 32 OZ would probably be too much.. drink water after u train, and gatorade during.. and maybe a bit after only..

Im no nutritional expert, but the above is just my experience.. anway seeing guys like u start at 40 is an inspiration, I started about 1.5 yrs ago myself..
I like to do a lot of static stretching, deep breathing, yoga-type stuff after a workout. Keeps you limber, helps get the blood flowing and lowers your heart rate, signaling your body to start recovery.
I'd skip the ibuprofen if you can. If you're really sore that's one thing, but it actually can impair your body's natural recovery process due to being an anti-inflammatory. Then again, I just don't like taking anything that's not necessary.

Also, I would drink some gatorade during and immediately after training, the protein can really wait. 40g is also excessive, you won't use much of it. A mix of gatorade and some protein immediately after would be ideal.
dump the ibuprofen. why are you taking it everyday (you train)? let the body heal itself.
you run the risk of devepling GI (gastrointestinal not kimono) problems with chronic ibuprofen use...
Things i do:
PWO Shake at the club - 50g carbs, 25 g protein
Drink a litre or so of water on my drive home
come home and have a contrast shower
foam roll and stretch after the shower
eat again
sleep appropriately.
I like to do a lot of static stretching, deep breathing, yoga-type stuff after a workout. Keeps you limber, helps get the blood flowing and lowers your heart rate, signaling your body to start recovery.

Man !!! Where I train, they close the facilities right after class, so I have no time to stretch if I wanna take a shower. That fuckin sucks.

I personnally drink chocolate milk 30 mn before, and right after training.

During training i drink water.
If you're really lazy like what I've been known to do, mix the gatorade with the protein.

I once trhew together something like in a blender:

chocolate protein
gatorade powder

It actually tasted pretty good. The hue of green was slightly off putting though.
FISH OIL instead of ibuprofen, start a regimen of FISH OIL!!! Much Much MUch MUCH healthier.
-1.5-3 grams of fish oil per day instead of ibuprofen

-water instead of gatorade.

-Make sure you have a decent cool down period and do lots of dynamic stretching after workout.

-Thai whores (optional)
Great feedback, thanks everyone. Here's my plan:
- Swtich from ibuprofin to fish oil
- Switch from gatorade to water

I think I will skip the Thai whores since I have an American MILF handy :icon_chee
I don't think you should switch from gatorade to water. Immediately after your workout, your body needs both carbs and protein to recover effectively.

So still drink lots of water, but I would still have the gatorade after the workout.
I've done some experimenting with this, as I like to train 4-5 days a week, recovery is important. I usually drink some Gatorade and have half a Cliff bar on the way to class to give me some quick release carbs for energy. Drink a Gatorade/Water mixture during class. Then, about 30 minutes after class (when I get home), I have a protein shake (25grams) with a banana mixed in. Shower. Make dinner. Usually something healthy, chicken, etc. I always drink Cranberry Juice with dinner (antioxidants) and take fish oil and a one-a-day type vitamin.

I usually feel pretty good with this, except when I have an unhealthy dinner or a snack afterwards. Which has been happening pretty frequently since my wife is pregnant and apparently pregnant women don't care about dieting!
Um, drink water? Maybe I'm too young or in too good of shape to understand this thread. I'm pretty tired, but I'm not completely broken off or anything after training.