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How do I watch now on my iPhone?


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Apr 28, 2012
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I went to UFC.tv and it asks me to download the app. I did but can't seem to watch it live now? Help? Thanks
Did the same thing. Tbh I'm not sure if you can stream from your phone. The UFC.tv app always gives me a "data unavailable" type error message.
Call someone with a tv? ZING.
1. Take said iphone
2. Sell iphone
3. Buy TV, direct TV, and ppv
4. Enjoy not being bothered by phone while watching the fights.
Start a Facetime session with someone who bought the PPV and have them point their phone at the TV.
Sell your hipster phone, buy a half-decent Android and watch a stream through your browser.

Thanks Adobe Flash! You can basically do anything in your Android Browser that you can in your PC browser.

But seriously...I have no clue. Wife has an iPhone, but I am notwhere near cool enough to play around with it.
At work and would gladly pay to still watch, have a tv (crazy, rigt?) not a hipster...BUT HOW COULD SOMEONE ON SHERDOG BE WRONG????
You may need wi-fi idk how well it would stream over just the data connection.