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how do i teach my friend to stop with the guillotene?


Nov 14, 2005
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he does it on me. i tuck my chin every time. he turns it into a neck crack for about 2 mins straight. i pop out a do a submission on his dead tires arm. i know he's better than this and i've told him many times. how do i get him to stop?
Don't give him the chance to get his arm around your head everytime you roll?
try to work on making it harder for him to get on you in the first place (bull your neck, use your shoulders to shrug it off), eventually he'll try something else, or just out right quit. he'll probably just try something else though
GJJNY said:
Don't give him the chance to get his arm around your head everytime you roll?
LOL basically.
i think its hilarious when people don't realize that their sub attempt isnt working but keep trying for 4 min straight

just let him tire himself out
when your popping your head out throw an elbow onto his eye brow and cut his ass
At my school all of sudden we were told to stop using guillotenes, something to do with the danger of it being a crank.
Anyways, A former student, who had a bit of a falling out with the coach, has recently returned after doing MMA.
This guy goes for guillotenes every chance he gets.
I'm the opposite to you, I love it.
It made me realise how open to them I am.
Inefective guilhotines still cause a big amount of pain and neck stress, and it is counterproductive in my opinion to spend 3 min trying to get out of it, if you are just rolling. I usually just tap to avoid the long battle of getting my head out, hurting my ears and neck...and restart...
it's a basic move that everyone goes for. i use it. but not every time like him. He does turn it into a neck crank b/c he doesn't get it sunk. if i tap, he'll do it more and more. the neck crank hurts like hell but i'm tryin to teach him to stop.
Make sure he doesn't get it and make it harder for him. Sometimes, you have to make guys learn by giving them a tough time
Work on your escapes more. Make it harder for him to get you in it, and when he does, or if you let him have your escape down to the point you can get out within seconds.

It isn't really worth it to risk a neck injury waiting for him to get tired, and if you're leaving yourself open for a neck crank you might want to reconsider your defense.
If you want him to learn other things, tell him "no more guillotines when we spar". Encourage him to work on other things.
I assume he is going for it when you shoot for a takedown, so instead, try an upperbodylock takedown, or pull guard.
Guys, I think his question is how to make his friend use the technique properly since his friend is blowing his sub attempts over and over again.

Tell him to try and put his hands to his shoulder, instead of incorrectly rotating his shoulder away from his hands as he squeezes on your neck (I think that's what he's probably doing...)
dont always go for a wrestling takedown, use some throws from the clinch.
If you're not bothering to get out, he probably thinks he's doing good, despite what you tell him.
I hate guillotines. They're hard to sink effectively and you burn alot of energy before you even know you've got it sunk for sure.