How can I train on consecutive days like other fighters?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Rock Hard, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I've been training for Muay Thai for several years, and MMA for a few years. I always talk to other fighters at my gyms who say they can train once or twice a day, SIX-SEVEN days per week; whether it be sparring, grappling, running, lifting, or whatever; basically anything requiring exertion or effort.

    MY problem has always been that I can only train twice a day every OTHER day. (Usually some lifting and running in the morning for an hour total, and skills training at night for an hour or sometimes two, or sometimes I'll mix it up...maybe grapple and run in the morning, and spar and hit pads at night, etc.)

    If I try to do anything that requires effort or exertion on the days in between, I experience all the symptoms of over-reaching syndrome. Basically, I burn out. And I've been working out hard and regularly for 13 years.

    Here's another paradox...I can train twice a day every other day for two hours in each session, but I can't even train ONCE a day for 45 minutes. Otherwise, I burn out. It feels like once I have exerted my body in a day (regardless if it was for 4 hours or just 10 minutes), once I go to sleep...My body goes into repair mode for that whole next day. Basically, I feel burnt out, and do NOT want to exercise. If I do, I get sick, and my performance drastically drops.

    What is my genetic limit that provides this "every-other-day" recovery crap? What supplement might I be deficient in? I eat a balanced diet every 2 hours, I get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, I drink water all day, I stay very chill when I'm not training, etc, etc. I don't know what my problem is! Why can I only spar, grapple, and hit pads every other day, while all the other fighters I know can do it EVERY day?
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    "Train the fighter, not the martial art." -bruce lee

    You need to train in a manner that is most conducive to your growth and stop worrying about what other people are doing. If you want to do more the short answer is to focus more on recovery and GRADUALLY increase your weekly volume. But, if you can train 4 hours a day every other day it sounds like you're doing find to me.

    Recovery for dummies:
    - eat more. "But I already eat a lot!" No you don't. Eat more. "What should I eat?" Everything. "But I have to make weight" ok fine, eat fruits, veggies, granola, meat and fat (I like butter and olive oil mixed 50 50 on everything savory, coconut oil on everything sweet... even smoothies)

    - sleep more "but I get 8 hours a day!" Take naps. "But I can only get like 4 hours a day due to work/school/family" take naps. I work nights, some days I get three hours of sleep before heading to the gym. You make due with what you can get.

    - contrast showers. Alternate 30-60 seconds as hot as you can stand with 30-60 seconds all the way cold. Thes should be miserable.

    - BRIEF and LIGHT recovery workouts. 20 minutes spend doing some EASY calisthenics on you off days or 12 hours post workout and/or 5 minutes of LIGHT cardio post workout can help recovery. I if you're winded or struggling you're doing it wrong.
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    You can workout everyday if you do it lighter. If you go all out on your working days killing every muscle and your nervous system then I'm not surprised you feel tired the next day.
    You need to pace yourself. Going 150 % all the time is not necessary a good thing if it takes time from you that you could use to improve your techniques, roll do light sparring.

    Also post your diet in the D&S, it won't hurt but may help a lot. You need enough protein, veggies, fruits and fat to run optimally. Also a diet high in grains and legumes may cause your blood sugar to be "unbalanced" and make you feel slugish and slower recover. My 3 cents, good luck
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    this is great. Chances are its your recovery time that is preventing you from working out daily. One of the best things about Carnal's "Treastie" is how devoted it is to recovery: the most underrated part of working out.

    But Urban it was my understanding that contrast baths (a favorite of mine) should have about 3x time spent in heat than cold i.e. 2 min hot 30 sec. cold. Have I been doing it wrong?

    p.s. I have a real hard time doing two mma sessions on the same day period. I can do a s/c session in the morning and mma at night or vice versa every day of the week but for some reason emotionally, physically etc. its really hard for me to get geared up to work that hard twice in a day. The moral of the story? We ALL have things that are supposdly "less than ideal" about our routines. All of us have weaknesses that hamper our training because 1.most of us have real jobs, real families or go to school. 2. We are human! So if your the type of person that can do two a days every other day than I say do it! That still puts you in the top 10% worldwide as far as effort goes.

    Despite how everyone talks here alot of guys love being fighters on saturday night when they are watching the UFC in a bar, but decide they need to be something else (dad, student, employee of the month) when its time to actually train.
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