How can I drop 20 lbs in 3 weeks?


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May 5, 2007
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So I decided to do this grappling competition on May 10th in my area. I want to get down to the 205 weight class. Right now I am at 221.5

Any suggestions on how to drop the weight. I am staying clean on my diet. Only drinking water. I am going to get on a fat burner in the next couple days.

Any suggestions?

Not really geared towards this type of weightloss, but Berardi's get shredded diet might work since you need to lose a lot fast,

I have tried it, but I was around 11% bf and went to like 7%. I hated it and mentally it was extremely difficult for me, but it works. I wouldn't do it again though, but I dropped noticeable weight really fast
you need to cut out all the carbs that you can and do as much running as you can. That is a lot of weight to lose in three weeks, especially since it is a grappliny touney and you do not have the benefit of weighing in before the date of the competition.
holy fuck that's a crazy diet, only four solid meals.........dude that might do it.
Cut carbs, watch calories. Eat 5-6 small/medium meals a day with protein and veggies. Morning HIIT, afternoon weights or training, more HIIT at night.

No joke, but with no training or cardio. I rocked the canned chicken/tuna with some subway less than 6grams of fat sammiches, plus hella water, and lost 6lbs in a week.
Cut off a leg from the knee down.