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How are the ufc training gloves?


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Jan 3, 2008
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they are the only mma training gloves i have ever used so i have nothing to compare them too, are they good quality gloves? i NEVER see them mentioned on this forum.
They're good gloves. I like them a lot. Before that I had some old sherdog quano-style gloves, and they're definently not as good as the UFC gloves. The only other glove I can compare them to in the Windy Pride-style glove, but they're not really similar at all. I think they're great gloves for the price.
I tried on a pair last night, I thought they were really nice
UFC training gloves?? UFC brand?? I haven't heard of these, forgive my ignorance I guess. Anyone have pics or a site for them?
Ideal for the new MMA enthusiast! These MMA training gloves are constructed of a durable vinyl and feature cut fingers, padded knuckles for extra protection, wraparound vinyl straps for added wrist support, and the official Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) logo.

This is the product description, made of vinyl is a bad thing. They probably won't last long. Unless I am looking at the wrong one but this is the only one that says training glove. But if you are a big UFC fan, they look nice and really don't cost that much considering they are authentic UFC merchandise. Also for training purposed I personally wouldn't use a glove of this style, I prefer to use the ones with the 2" of padding over the knuckles to avoid injuries. Just my two cents.
Snake is correct. I would consider Fairtex, Hayabusa, SSF, or one of the other brands.
Snake is correct. I would consider Fairtex, Hayabusa, SSF, or one of the other brands.

I've never seen the Hayabusa training gloves, just the competition gloves and the boxing gloves.