Hound with his arse on back to front again


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Dec 19, 2001
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Dude what are you looking for when you find these pics?

pictures of hound..

and i found em
spam spam spam

Ban wilhelm!!!!!1
That should be a red card for Scouser Cockney.
WTF is Scouser Cockney? BTW I am working on your book list bro. Gotta dig em outta boxes. You get Attila's Treasure yet?

I looked for it yesterday Wilhelm but did not find it. I got paid today but went and sampled rare vodkas at my friends place instead. I will hit the bookstores again tomorrow because I hate not being able to read sequels. You do not want to know what a Scouser cockney is trust me.

Pablo I am happy you like my new lean figure. Maybe we should hook up.
They really flesh out Hagan in the one. He is my favorite character.

I am really in the mood for that kind of book.

My bud showed me a bottle of vodka he got in France Called "Thor`s Hammer".;)

Can't wait to check it out in a few months.
LOL. Does it have a kick like Mjolnir?

Ask me 8,weeks from now.;)

He is also a beer aficionado and showed me one of his beer magazines that had an article on British War Time beers of the 40's.

One of them was brewed in the Orkneys and was called "skullsmasher" and had a big burly Viking swinging an axe on the bottle wrapper. Cool stuff.
Right on. Gotta send me some samples.

Hound I would hook up with you but I try to steer clear from Sci Fi nerds.
That aint Sci Fi its historical fiction.

Arty farty book nerds are not wanteds in this forum...

you have spoiled my thread!!!!