Honest Question for Edgar Fans


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Jun 29, 2010
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Had Frankie been given the decision in his second fight with Bendo, would you have felt comfortable with him as champ and not defending against Bendo again? It would seem to leave a bad taste in one's mouth winning the belt in such an underwhelming fashion. I'm not hating here--in fact, I can't wait to see Bendo lose the belt--but I'm just calling it like I see it.
just have a third match (trilogy)

i got a feeling frankie can finish bendo in a third match (similar to how he finished maynard)

he seems to get better each time he fights an opponent
Woulda been lame for Edgar to win the second fight by close decision and then not give Bendo a rematch after Frankie got one for losing clearly.
Had Frankie won the decision (He should've) I think they would've made him gone through with fighting Nate, Ben would most likely rematch Pettis for the winner of Frankie/Diaz and Cerrone would've been the one dealing with Maynard/Miller instead of Lauzon. That's how I imagine it anyway.
He lost and even he's moved on. Bendo sandbagged that fight towards the end but he got the better of Edgar. Edgar typically has close fights because of his smaller size anyway.
I thought Frankie definitely won the second fight and there should have been a 3rd which I'd be cool with. Honestly besides Edgar the only guy that I'd wnat to see fight Henderson is Pettis because I don't see anyone else with a real shot unless Aldo moves up. I'm not too sure Maynard is athletic enough.
So the 50-45 shalacking he copped in the first fight, he won that one yeh?
If Edgar won the decision I don't feel like an immediate rematch would've been necessary, solely because it holds up a stacked division. Other than that I'm fine with it, and I'd also be fine with Bendo getting a rematch with just one good win given the circumstances.

I also don't feel like he would've been winning the belt in underwhelming fashion. It was an exciting and competitive fight. I was actually pretty excited when I thought he won simply because so many people counted him out, just like they did against Maynard, so I certainly wouldn't have found anything about the win to be lackluster.

But that's just how it goes sometimes, unfortunately. What's done is done.
edgar won that 2nd fight, i think he wouldve fought nate 1st before bendo again
I like Frankie but that would have been absurd if he'd won and had to rematch Bendo again. The guy would have like 100 fights but only 3 opponents. I'm glad he's fighting someone who isn't Maynard, BJ, or Bendo.
So the 50-45 shalacking he copped in the first fight, he won that one yeh?

Edgar 1 3 5

Fair is fair and benson would have deserved a rematch although I think Frankie was the clear cut winner .
Best part of Edgar losing is, NO MORE REMATCHES!

Seriously, 2 fights with Penn, 2 fights with Maynard & 2 fights with Bendo, ALL IN A ROW. Enough is enough.

Bendo beat Diaz, no rematch. Up next will most likely be Pettis if he beats Cerrone.

One rematch 99% of MMA fans want to see.
I wouldn't have cared either way.

I'm confident Edgar would do even better the third fight.

I also figured Nate Diaz to be overhyped as a contender as he had won his way to the title shot with favorable match ups. He's a great fighter, but he had never shown he could beat a powerful wrestler or someone who stays on the outside.

So yeah I would have been fine with giving Bendo a rematch. Both Bendo/Edgar fights were better than Diaz/Bendo anyways.
If Edgar would have won the 2nd fight, they would have had to give Bendo a 3rd.
I still don't understand how there is any debate between who won in the first fight and I don't think Frankie deserved a rematch, but of course the rematch was far, far closer.

Bendo wouldn't have got the rematch anyway even if Frankie go the decision, so he had everything to lose. And since Frankie got a title match with Jose Aldo he obviously didn't have anything to lose.