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  1. Hi everyone. I am going to start strength training at home. I can't decide what to do for the bench. The person who I purchased second hand weights off of is also selling this type of bench. My other option is to get a welder to make a bench like this and build stands like these. What would be better? Thanks in advance.
    I have a standard 5ft barbell and 75kg weight plates in case that matters, which presumably fit the bench. I will be buying more plates as I need them. Bar is rated well high enough for me.
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    If you have access to a welder and some tubing, make a rack.

    This is the rack that I made. I had a bunch of scrap aluminum sitting around for the bar holder (which I dont have a picture of), drilled holes in the tubing for wherever i need the bar. It took a little time because with aluminum it gets so damn hot and its easy to burn through, and I wanted to make sure I had braced everything really well.

    For the safety aspect, I have chains that hang from the top attached to the bar, if i ever dropped it, the weights wouldnt hit the ground and smash shit up.

    For a bench I just bought a basic cheapy bench off of kijiji for 20 bucks, weights I bought a set of 300 lbs olympic weights and bar for 300 bucks.

    All in all I have maybe 350ish into the whole setup.

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    Might get a better response in the S&C forum.
  4. Thanks for the idea. However, I'm not really considering a rack due to space and financial constraints.

    You're probably right.. I'll post this there.
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    A standard 5foot bar is going to be a pain very quickly due to the narrowness.

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