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    Red Bluff, CA
    So I am looking for some other perspectives on setting up my home gym. I have a 34x50 shop but am only setting up half of it as a gym. So 34x25.
    Here is a list of what I have:
    Squat rack
    Olympic bar with iron and bumper plates
    adjustable bench
    several sets of dumbbells
    Several sets of kettlebells
    Roman chair
    C2 rowwer
    spin bike
    wall mounted pull up bar
    wall mounted heavy bag
    dip station
    foam roller/mobility section

    I have 18'x16' worth of stall mats but I have been kicking the idea around of buying enough to floor the entire space but have not yet. How would you guys set up a gym with this equipment? I am not loving the way I have it set up right now so I am looking to get some other ideas for efficiently using my space.

    Here is a rough, not to scale example of what I have right now.
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  2. Liquid Smoke

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    Jul 11, 2013
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    Put the dip bar over the toilet.
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  3. ChickenBrother

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    Honestly, it looks like overkill. Are you actually going to use all that equipment on a regular basis? At a bare minimum you could streamline and get a squat rack with a pull up bar (this is what I have), do BP inside the rack and store the bench against the wall when not in use.

    If you get a Rogue power rack, you could also buy attachments that let you store plates against the rack. Alternately you could get a rickshaw (Titan Fitness has one for $150) which both stores plates and acts as a farmers walk/trap bar. Either way, you'd free up space in the upper left corner to hang the heavy bag in the center, giving you room around it to circle. Trust me, having a heavy bag in the corner like that limits your workout to just standing in front of it wailing away, which gets boring as shit fast. You need room all around it to be able to circle both directions and work combos.
  4. Phlog

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    Oct 11, 2012
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    I have a power rack with dips, pull-ups, cables integrated and I recommend highly. Safety bars are a handy thing.

    Also trap bar is a must for me.
  5. Oblivian

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    This. Way to many people overthink their home gym. Do you have kids yet? Trust me, your space will end up limited if you don't and plan on having them.

    I have a 8' x 12' area of horse stall mats for the power rack. I have about two feet on each side for the bumpers, weights, and bars. Besides that, I have one hanging heavy bag. The rest of the area is open for the kids to have all of their bikes, scooters, toys, and other shit. I can move it out of the way if I'm hitting the heavy bag or need to move the rack off of the horse stall mats. Besides that, I have miscellaneous things like grippers, jump rope, dumbbells, etc. My house has a pullup bar that the previous owner installed in one of the doorways. Honestly, that is plenty for me. If I needed to use a rower, treadmill, spin bike, etc., I can use it at the YMCA because you'll be a member there once you have kids.
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    It isnt much, but it works. Everything adide depending on where you get your stuff that is a 10k investment.

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    Watching a snail crawl along a straight razor.
  8. boingyman

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    That's a nice amount of space, I'm jealous. I have a 7x12 platform that I do everything on in my garage. IMO you just have to lay out and see how you like it. As for the flooring I would personally do 1/2" rolled rubber flooring over the entire space and then do a 8x8 platform in an open area and one under the squat rack. That's just me though. Let's see the after pics when your done!
  9. Pinyin

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    I have a similar setup in my basement. Powercage is key. I like having two different benches (one long for overhead press and bench press, and a short one with leg pads for dumbbells).

    Don't forget an affordable audio system. I picked up a few used 6 channel receivers from the pawn shop for $40 a piece, four 6" desktop speakers for $60 from partsexpress.com and i refurbed some old 80's Jensen 15's that I got on craigslist $50.

    Maybe think about adding in a Title speed bag next to the heavy bag. Inexpensive and great for cardio. .
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