Holy Fudge Ellenberger v. Hendricks UFC 158 (merged threads)


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Feb 16, 2008
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Just saw that as an announced fight for UFC 158.



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Just announced on TUF Finale. Guess he's not getting a title shot
Where did this come from? Matchup makes no sense
=/ Sucks for johnny but i got hendricks on this. Dat left hand
Edit the 'fuck' out of your title or you'll get dubs.

Anyway, Hendricks is getting fucked over. He should be waiting to get the title shot that is rightly his. Him fighting Ellenberger just wastes a contender, which GSP will need since the Silva fight isn't ever happening.
just announced on UFC on FX 6!!! WOW!! Best card of 2013!!

Diaz vs GSP also official
Fuckin weird.

Edit: not smart by johnny honestly
UFC 158 the welterweigths seems like its happening!

Feel bad for hendricks thats straight up bs
Wow. Ellenberger called him out on twitter and he got the fight.

It really doesn't any sense at all though.
I like Hendricks, but I'm going with Ellenberger been a big fan of his since his loss to Condit.
it was just said on UFC TUF finale.. Hendricks easy victory toward a shot at GSP if GSP wins?
Awesome. I think that was the first time it's been mentioned, I can't find anything on twitter.