Holloway outanded Garcia in every round

Was a close fight, I felt Holloway deserved the wiin.
lol fightmetric

according to fightmetric werdum beat overeem.
Fightmetric counts strikes that miss by about 2.6 miles.
I actually think the FightMetric inputter is being quite kind to Leonard and counting his grazing shots all the same. Holloway had to double or triple him up in clean connections. He was winning a high majority of exchanges with his accuracy, and he was digging in on a good portion of them. You have to go back and review with the sound turned down so you don't get influenced by Leonard's hiyas and Joe Rogan's appreciation of him. Just watch the strikes themselves. It's mostly Holloway, 3 rounds to none IMO. One brief TD which he bounced back from and another where Max locked in a triangle straight off didn't override.