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hit n' miss

Haze UK

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Nov 27, 2007
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a quick question, sometime when i miss some punches, my arm tends to jar up at the elbow, sort of like a hyper extension, any1 no any stretches or anything else to prevent this happening?
sort of like ive pulled it by like over streching

My guess is you over stretched or hyper-extended and that's why it feels that way. Stretching is important but what is more important is never fully locking out your joints - it can cause pulls and tears and leaves you open to traps and breaks.
Maybe try some tendon/legiment aiding excersizes such as the almighty bicep curl.
You only need to a couple times a month though. Go heavy weight and only a few partial reps per set.
Don't miss :icon_chee

I had that problem, but like its been said, just work with weights, sorted mine
I am not trying to be smart or funny but I have very basic question for you: What stops your punch?

Your answer to this will tell me everything I need to know about how you punch and the mechanics you use.