high percentage attacks from de la riva guard?


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Dec 30, 2012
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What are your most high percentage attacks from de LA Riva guard? I'm just starting to use de LA Riva guard. I have a pretty good spider guard so I want to be able to go back and forth between the two guards. The only technique that is really working for me from dlr is the single leg. I pass one of his sleeves to my other hand between his legs and stand up to get the single leg takedown..
My number one is something I seen one of the Miyao brothers doing ... Ankle grip and attempted belt grip but I've found that that hand isnt even required if you have a strong hook ... I arch my hips high and thread as deep as I can with my dlr hook on his opposite hip/high thigh and then "straighten" my whole body with only my shoulder sliding along the ground ... it takes me just past the opponents side and I insert my other hook and grab belt ... 50% of the time they fall and I berimbolo

I'd look for and post the video where I found it but it would take forever so I hope that makes sense ... This is high percentage for me
Same. Easiest back take from DLR for me is straightening out my hook leg, feeding in my other leg, belt grab, straighten both legs out behind the knees and pull them down.
Can you be more specific please or do you have a video? I would love to learn this back take