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Hey Tanner you Dipsh*it


Dec 19, 2001
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Why the hell did you fuckers hang up the phone when I called in Vegas Back...in .......Um march. haha I forgot that I was going to bitch you out for it. I was really hurt that is why it took me like 5 months to bring it up. I called all happy and all to meet a good bud of mine and when I heard the phone pcik up I was SO happy. Words can't even discribe. But the phone was picked up just to be hung up agian. Very crudely. It was horrible and I cried. Five hours. And then 6 hours when I got back home.

I actually just rember that and thought I would just point out to the people that we have a neglectent Administrator.
maby he was with a gay prostitute?
So stop thinking about just yourself asshole :D
Actually, that makes sense since that whole trip he was wearing something about smoking cocks the whole trip, but that is old news on him.

Just please stop thinking about the Male-whores for one second you greedy basterd!!!!
Umm meaty that one went of my head. WTF?
That's the sound of Tanner hanging up on you again.
AhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Flashbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I justed cried for another 6 hours that rat-basterd.

(BTW good one I am slow.)
He's a busy man, what with the new triplets and all.
I still think it is wrong for two men to have childern born for them. :p
He's a kind man, I'm sure they'll grow up knowing the love of a good man.
Haha. Someday meat I might pack it up and move to Meatropolis. You just got to get some more girlies there.
Originally posted by Meat Fist
That's the sound of Tanner hanging up on you again.



Very funny shit Meat.

I ignored you cause I hate you Conrad.


I hope that was a joke:p Joke or no joke that in my new quote.

Tanner talks too damn fast on the phone. I cant understand what the fuck he's saying!!!
Is he spanish? Those are the only folks that go real fast on the phone.
Those people on the Flintstone's phone, them are some fast talking motherfuckers.