hey GRIFTER420


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Mar 7, 2002
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but then you go and beg to be let back in like a good little bitch and ruin any TOUGHGUYNESS that you had...

congrats on becoming worthless bitch...

oh and the 420 sucks a fat lady's clit.
Watch out or he might come back as GRIFTER187 and threaten to kill you. The numbers under this name indicate he's a drug user and might be mellow, no need to let that demon out of his cage.
How or why did you get banned? Maybe that's why he doesn't like you. Or you are black Punk is racist I mean look at his avatar you should watch out.
I just got banned for cursing in thread titles, but then JKD gave me another chance.
no vod its not 143...its just GRIFTERISABIGFATFLAPPINGPUSSY...

do your self a favor grifter, get banned...stay banned.

all you did by getting banned ON PURPOSE and beg to be let back in is solidify your stature as a manfucking tool...
No, you TRIED to get yourself banned by cursing out moderators in your thread titles. You knew the rules but decided to violate them and force yourself on out. Then you send whiny PMs hoping to initiate some sympathy which didn't really work and then you were given the standard re-joining fee which is dropped post count, new name, and double yellows. The only reason you were given such leniency is because that's been our rule since we like giving people another chance. Don't try to act cool.
damn punkmother what the fuck did i do to u, why do u have such hostility toward me ..fuck man chill.
vod im not trying to act cool i just read the forums and post every now and then if u dont want me to post then i'll get the fuck out.
hey grifter i got a better idea...

make a thread with cuss words in the title...ITS SUPER FUCKING COOL!!!
Whoa VOD you must have some kind of power over people. He said "if u dont want me to post then i'll get the fuck out".

Maybe life is working for you?
Originally posted by Grifter420
fuck that shit im not goin anywhere.

YEAH MAKE A STAND...until next week when its cool to purposely and UNIMAGINATIVELY break the rules so you can act COOL with your homeboys...
You're not going anywhere? That's fine with us. We weren't trying to get you to go anywhere. You're just going to be our bitch for a while. You'll put on makeup and parade yourself around for a while. The whole time everyone will know you're just a pathetic piece of shit that gets owned on a constant basis by a variety of the Sherdog members. You're going to be our joke for a while. Deal with it.