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hey fockers, come share your tips for taking the back here


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Apr 13, 2004
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see title...

here's a good one for no gi, when you have a good grip but no hooks in (turtle position): when you have over-under control (say left arm under and right over) shift your weight to your right so you're on your right knee and left foot (left knee off the ground). move your left foot directly behind your partner's ass crack and between your partners ankles, push him forward to make space if his turtle is too tight, and drag your partner's right foot out to his right side by hooking the inside of his right ankle with your left foot. now sit onto your right hip while maintaining control/dragging the ankle, and you will have created plenty of space to put in your right hook. the left hook is kinda trivial at this point since you've got "opposite corners" controled...so start threatening the choke, then put it in whenever. the thing i like about this move is that it lets you keep the over-under grip, which imo is best for no gi.

for an example, see jake sheilds vs rob dicenso (i think) in adcc 2005. he does it perfectly.

so....what are you waiting for? contribute fuckers.
establish double underhooks and butterfly guard. lift your opponent with your feet and arms. duck under one of his arms. take back.
Turtle position: Put your hands inside the space between their knees and elbows, grab their wrists so your forearms are right beside theirs, post your head beside theirs, flip forward into a bridge and bring them with you, collapse your bridge and insert your hooks. Alternatively, by flipping forward you should open up enough space so you can flip back from your bridge and insert your hooks anyway.

Armdrag from the guard Marcelo Garcia style also works.
Assume you are in cross side bottom. Opponent is on your left. He is on his left hip so he is facing you. Get a underhook with your right arm and grab his hip. Simply get to your corners and slide your right knee over his left calf and keep your foot out so just your knee is between his leg. From here you can take his back OR grab his far arm that he is posting with and pull it. Get X top.
point to the ground and say "your shoes untied" . as soon as they look , take the back.
Heck, If the untied shoe technique does not work, then get your partner to sucker him outiside and jump off of a roof onto is back.

If the guy has a tight turtle position then switch techniques and go for a different hold.