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Here is a write-up of my cutting diet


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Mar 29, 2005
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For anyone who wants examples or basic info.. this is a decent diet for people who want to cut weight. I am not a fighter, just someone who wants to stay healthy and in shape, so I'm sure diets would be different for those who are fighters and all that.

I have a 3-day split for my workout, with the other 3 days cardio and Sunday as my rest day.

this routine is around 1900 calories, and I regularly substitute similar things so I don't get bored with it. This is a beginning diet plan, and anyone can critique it if they want for everyone else on the board that views it.. just thought i'd share what mine consists of.

meal 1: 9am (breakfast)
Thanks for posting. Im gunna start this diet on Monday.
I see your portions of veggies-
I believe you should eat more roughage than dairy while cutting, regardless of personal goals. Reduction of calories turns the body a little to the acidic side.
Maybe you could have a green shake thrown in there daily.
Just an observation man.
Seriously, you would think greens = ticket straight to Hell.

Get more greens. That goes for all of you. lol
What is your height and weight??? That seems like a lot of food for someone like me who is 5 foot 9 170-175 lbs.

Just wondering