Here are a bunch of highlights..


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Feb 8, 2005
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I posted a bunch of mma,adcc, and jiu jitsu highlights on just search my name.. Its for those who don't realy feel like downloading it.. you can just watch it on the site..
Did you make these? I only saw the MMA Legends one & Reasons to fight which I liked. I already have the ADCC one. Nice vids whoever made them, the MMA legends was done well as it showed that your a MMA legend in defeat aswell (Shamrock section) which I thought was cool.

BTW, what was the music used for the MMA legends one. I recognise both but can't place the artists nor titles. I just remember the second one is from Spiderman.
How do you download them, yes im an idiot, i can get them to play on the site but i want to DL em to my comp.
Nope,I didn't make them.... I just have them... I posted them cause I figured that there are alot of MMA and jiu jitsu fans that don't really have the time and patience to download, so now they can just watch it..
thanks for the highlights !