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Henry Maske interview cliffs

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Buffmeister, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Buffmeister If u aint smokey it aint your m'fkin message

    May 26, 2016
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    Parts Unknown
    Hey guys!
    I just stumbled over this interview and thought is was kinda interesting (...maybe just for me;)...)
    And maybe some guys are like: who the hell is this guy??
    He was the IBF Light-Heavyweight Champ from 93-96
    and went 31-1 in his career...


    It is in german so i help you guys out with some cliffs:

    -How he started:
    Only went with a friend to the gym (Age6) because his friend didn't want to go alone...Coach thought just two young guys that will come and go...
    Says his friend quit after 2 weeks...he after 26 years...lol

    -Had some doubts if he wants to continue (back in East Germany you were only allowed to start to compete at age10) until his father told him in a german saying: you start something you finish something (wer A sagt muss auch B sagen)

    -there was a mutual respect between East and West German Boxers...but you did NOT want to lose against a guy from the west...!!!!

    -about important key moments in his amateur career:
    Every loss was a important key moment for him
    And when his coach questioned his will and work, still as a teen, in front of the whole Gym...he figured out pretty quick that this was a motivation thing for himself and had no bad intentions from his coach

    -still having nightmares about Angel Espinosa?....nope not anymore but he still remembers the day in '87 where he got tooled by Angel

    -bought a colored tv from his price money he won by winning Gold at the Olympics 88

    -'86 in Japan he bought a tv with remote control ...never seen something like that before!...remote control was the shit!! Only had 3 buttons: Channel up Channel down and on/off

    -wanted to go pro after Germany united...some guys in East Germany didn't like that and on his way to a Judo class some police officers a media guy and another dude took him to a room and wanted to know what is going on!...he said that he had no intentions doing it and they let him go...
    The Headline the next day was: Maske doesn't go pro!

    - fought his 1. pro fight in London against Antonio Arvizuh and that guy was fighting in sneakers...was pissed at his promoters that he had to fight a guy who didn't had the money to buy solid boxing shoes. Understood later that this is actually not that uncommon in boxing

    -winning the Championship was a big releave

    -18million people were watching his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani live on tv (Germany had a population about 79millions back then)

    -for his comeback fight against Virgil Hill 15.99million people tuned in

    -on why he came back to fight Virgil Hill again after 3748 days:
    It wasn't for revenge or something like that...that loss stands in his record and will be there also in 100 years...but more to show everybody that you can do all kind of things if you want it and go for it!

    -owns 10 McD's with over 350 employees

    Thanks guys,
    maybe not the most ground breaking stuff but anyway...hope you enjoyed it
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  2. crystallake Purple Belt

    Feb 12, 2012
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    Thanks, you dont hear a lot from him. If you are from germany you know who this guy is. I remember watching his fights as a young kid. Good dude.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  3. milonofcroton Yellow Belt

    Oct 14, 2011
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    Same here. Actually my grandfather, amateur boxer himself, was a big fan and watching the fights with him introduced me to combat sports. Oh sweet nostalgia. Was never a big fan, rooted for Rocchigiani, hehe. Good dude ("gentleman") though. Terrible actor.

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