Henry Cejudo opens up as a -1100 favorite against Valentina Shevchenko

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Verace, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Ngannou vs Rose... I know what you are thinking my friend.
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    I took the time to search powerlifter's championship results and out of sheer randomness I picked Arnold's 2018 for comparison, here's the link if you're curious as well.

    Opened both men/women's detailed scoresheet for Classic Powerlifting, tried to get equivalent weights.
    There's this girl Sarah Bohlen, weighted 82.86 and lifted 132 kilos, scored a 10th.
    Alim Mohamed, on the other hand, weighted 82.70 and lifted 200 kilos, scoring a 11th place.
    Other (2, Ossi/Teemu) male competitors within that same weight range fared even better.

    All men got better results than women's champion, Ana Castellain, the smallest difference was Mohamed's at 200kg vs. Castellain at 132, a whopping 50% difference.

    I know weightlifting is quite different than fighting, but it's really hard to dispute this data if applied into MMA, makes Sonnen's 17:1 PED scandal seem trivial.

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