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Feb 6, 2012
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MMA veteran Dan Henderson (29-8) thinks he's the man with the weapons to beat UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (17-1). But he told MMA Junkie Radio today that at 42 years of age, he's not going to wait around for a title shot. Henderson missed out on a shot at UFC 151 because of an injured knee, which he said still wasn't quite 100%. The former two-division Pride champion clashes with former UFC champ Lyoto Machida (18-3) at UFC 157 - Rousey vs Carmouche. And although he expected the fight to be a main event, he admits a three-round fight probably works in his favour.

"I have a couple of guys who are pretty much awkward like (Machida) and have a similiar style ... It's a little bit instinctual, a little bit of a guessing game, because you never know when he's going to strike ... It's something you need to get used to in practice ... I feel that I'm probably the guy to beat (Jones) in the weight class. I know that if I fought Jon Jones, I'd knock him on his ass ... I'm not going to sit there and wait for it. I did that last year - I'm not going to do that again this year."

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you have to connect for him to go down

jones can probably take hendo down before hendo can get off a punch

WAR Hendo! Get past Machida and he is yours
Hendo is my #1 but I fail to see this happening. Please, please, prove me wrong Hendo!
Of that I have no doubt Dan. Now you just gotta get in there and do it.
I'd say Hendo has a as good a shot as anyone I've seen. It'd be really awesome to see Jones against Hendo in his prime... guess I'll have to keep working on that time machine
You'll never even get the chance. And you should be thankful of that.
Knowing the way Henderson interviews, he is just being playfully serious. Definitely trying to sell a fight. Of course Jones could fight as a HW and Henderson could fight as a MW. What does this tell us?
Hendo is a great fighter, however i think that jones is a lil too fast for hendo.

and asking for a title fight because your getting to old to earn it doesnt really excite me into thinking your gonna be winning.

that being said Hendo is a proven warrior and can make anything happen, so let him try.

he is the new version of randy couture
I hope people are going to call him out for being undignified and arrogant the same way they always do to Jones. Let's have some balance here.
If anybody was to do so, it would be Hendo. I would like to see him land an H-bomb on Bones. Outside of that one punch, I don't give him much of a chance.
I love Hendo.
But the Dragon is gonna eat him.
If Hendo can get a title shot, I believe he's a guy who can beat Jones. If he could add the UFC LHW championship to his list of achievements, it'd be incredible. War Hendo, take out Machida first, then work on getting that title shot. Hopefully you won't have to wait around for it.
Hendo has the power to KO anyone


Would be a good fight,, just depends on who makes the first mistake.